Garcinia cambogia – How and when should the supplement be taken?

June 9, 2013


Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is the latest craze these days as far as weight loss supplements are concerned. You will find the shelves of health stores stacked with the weight reducing preparation. There are several benefits of consuming the supplement of pure Garcinia cambogia, which we will discuss in the later paragraphs. Prior to that let us focus on the dosage and safety issues of this weight reducing agent.

A study was conducted in which two groups of people were requested to undergo tests. One group was administered this supplement and the other group was put on placebo pills. The group that was administered placebo pills lost less number of kilograms as compared to the ones that were put on the supplement. The group on Garcinia cambogia supplement lost as much as 14 pounds in 8 weeks as compared to the other group that lost around 6 pounds during the same time span. And interestingly, the ones on HCA had reduced appetite too.

Safety issues of HCA

Basically, it is considered as safe to consume the supplement of HCA. However, there are certain conditions when you need to seek medical advice whether or not you should take the same.

If you are a patient of diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before taking this preparation. The ingredients present in the preparation may cause your blood sugar level to get lowered than the normal. And this might lead to hypoglycemia.

If you are suffering from high cholesterol levels and are on statins that lower cholesterol, you should talk to your doctor before taking the HCA.

People suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease should also avoid taking Garcinia cambogia supplement for weight loss as it might lead to adverse effects.

If you are an expecting mother or nursing your baby, you should not take the supplement at any cost unless you consult your doctor.

Benefits of HCA

The main reason why this supplement is being widely accepted is due to the fact that it offers several benefits, which are listed below.

  • Diminishes appetite – First and foremost, it will reduce your appetite resulting in less intake of food.

  • It will make you feel full once you have eaten few spoons of food

  • It helps in preventing food intake that is caused due to stress and anxiety, thereby acting on the serotonin level

  • It does not allow fat to be produced in your system

  • It reduces belly fat rather fast

Garcinia cambogia – How and when should the supplement be taken?

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Garcinia cambogia

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