Foods You Need To Avoid Whilst Training

February 21, 2013


Training your body

Training your body

Training your body. It’s tough and it’s difficult but the benefits are clear to see. A healthy result with a body you can be proud of. And if your body is a temple, you would rather it be the Taj Mahal in India than the Taj Mahal curry house in Peckham.

So what are the right kinds of food and drinks you need whilst training. Well, there’s no set rule, but you should try to cut down or avoid altogether the following whilst you are on your health kick.


The most well-known and vilified type of food whilst training is carbohydrates. Although a small amount is no bad thing, the reality of it is that processes crabs such as snacks, cakes, cookies etc. will promote the level of your blood sugar.

This leads to insulin being released. Insulin will take the sugar away from the blood and put it into your cells, which means it uses this for energy, rather than burning the fat you want gone.

So bad times.

Now cutting carbs out completely isn’t recommended, but a drastic reduction will definitely help the body out during exercise!
Sweet Drinks/Fruit Juices

High Sugar foods

Try to avoid sugary drinks such as fruit juice. Remember, whilst training, you are trying to burn this stuff off. It makes absolutely no sense to put it back into your body immediately afterwards. Stick to water. Boring maybe, but you can always try a little unsweetened iced tea to liven up the taste buds!


Or, by its more common name, salt. You’ll find that although this article is recommending foods to avoid, the common ingredients that you’ll find in foods should not be avoided, just reduced. Salt is one of them. So, whilst you will lose salt during training, you’ll also need to put it back into your body.

You will sweat out a lot of sodium, but there’s no rush to put it back into your body during training with things like salt tablets. In fact, it’s recommended to instead focus on upping your mineral levels, with potassium a highlight. Have a banana instead of anything with a high level of salt. A little bit of sodium is good, especially when mixed with fluids (which are definitely something you should not be avoiding whilst training!

Fried food

Again, an obvious one, but anything that you might think is healthy immediately becomes the opposite once fried. You’ve seen Rocky drink a glass of raw eggs during training. Did you see him eat a fry up? No, because although eggs have great proteins, the saturated fats used in frying will negate the benefits. If you don’t fancy drinking raw eggs, try them boiled instead.

These are all obvious things to avoid whilst you are working out, but with a little careful concentration, you can unlock the fully potential of your training sessions; before, during and after.

Written by Halit Bozdogan on behalf of Fight Shop, Europe’s biggest provider of training and fight equipment.

Foods You Need To Avoid Whilst Training

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