Fitness: Tips for staying motivated

February 18, 2013


Fitness Tips for staying motivated

Fitness Tips for staying motivated

Being motivated is key in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fulfil your workout regime. However many of us find it difficult to find and maintain motivation, so below are a few helpful tips to get yourself driven and ready to go!

Set Goals

Goals help to give your workouts and healthy eating more meaning. Everyone needs a target to strive towards, no matter how small it is. Your goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time specific). The importance of a goal being SMART is so that they are realistic and not too ambitious or impossible to reach, so you don’t give up.

For example, a simple goal could be to increase the amount of cardio you do every time at the gym.

Fun Factor

Undertaking exercises and sports that you enjoy help to make it a lot easier to maintain motivation. Try out different sports, until you find the right one for you. Classes at your local fitness centre mix fitness with fun. Another idea is to get fit with a friend or family member, fitness is always more fun when there’s more people involved. Your fitness program will become more of a social activity. You’ll also be answerable to someone else, which will become another motivation for both of you.

Switch it up!

Vary your workout routine; everyone gets tired of the same old thing. It’s also essential if you want to build muscle. If you don’t change your workout routine, then your muscles will adapt to that set routine and therefore your workout will have minimal effect.

Dedication & Consistency

Know your end goal and concentrate on it. Keep reminding yourself of the reasons behind all your hard work. You need to be committed; otherwise you’ll find it impossible to achieve anything. Speak to members of your gym or fitness fanatics if you’re lacking motivation. Be strong and always remind yourself of the reasons why you started.


It’s so easy to give up yet difficult to keep going. Especially when we aren’t getting the results we want. Remember, it takes time; nothing is going to change overnight. Be realistic, don’t expect miracles.

Cure Boredom

Boredom usually causes us to lose motivation. Read a magazine or book whilst at the gym or create a playlist of all your favourite songs. Classes are also a great way to keep healthy and meet new people; you’ll be having that much fun you’ll forget you’re even exercising. They all help us to stop thinking about stopping.

Treat Yourself

Treats always seem to keep us motivated, even if it’s a simple bar of chocolate! Every once in a while, when reaching a fitness goal or milestone reward yourself with a treat. It could be a DVD, a night out or another indulgence.

If all else fails…

Take a break! Give yourself a day off from your fitness routine. Sometimes a lack of motivation is your body’s way of telling you it’s in need of a break.

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Fitness: Tips for staying motivated

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