Fitness Program For Increasing Muscles In 3 Months

October 4, 2012


Fitness Program

Fitness Program

Most people nowadays want to find a way how to increase their muscle mass in just some months. The truth is that it is not an easy task. We have to prepare our body for 3 months lasting daily stress. For example warming up in the gym before the main workouts is really important because we have to avoid injuries and get in shape. Let’s get started with the fitness program. For best results do the exercises slowly and with proper movements.

The program consists of 4 training days, one is led relaxing and just loads legs and abdomen. What this program suppose is more weight and less repeats.


Day for shoulders

Two Side Internal Shoulder Rotation – 3 x 6

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 3 x 6

Arnold Shoulder Press – 3 x 6

Dips – 3 x 10-12

Push ups – 2 x 20


Day for breasts

Dips – 3 x 10-12

Bench Press – 3 x 6

Barbell Decline Bench Press 3 x 6

Dumbbell flies – 3 x 6

Push ups – 2 x 20


Day for abs and legs (other muscles relax)

Crunches – 3 x 25

Cable Kneeling Crunch – 3 x 7

Leg Extensions – 3 x 7

Calf raises –  3 x 10


Day for arms

Basic Dumbbell Curl – 3 x 6

Barbell Curl – 3 x 6

Triceps Dips – 3 x 10-12

Dumbbell One Arm Triceps Extension – 3 x 6

Cable Pushdown – 3 x 8


That’s it. If you follow this fitness program correctly you will see the results in 3 months by yourself. Also taking supplements like protein and creatine will help you additional.

Fitness Program For Increasing Muscles In 3 Months

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Fitness Program

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