Keep Fit and Have Fun Playing Hockey: Tips on Safe Equipment

November 23, 2012


Keep Fit and Have Fun Playing Hockey

Keep Fit and Have Fun Playing Hockey

Who said health and fitness have to be boring? Hockey is a great way to work out but you do need the best equipment and TK hockey sticks are certainly up there with the best there is in hockey. With quality guaranteed, TK sticks can finally get you into shape – and all while you play the game you love.

TK Platinum P1 Hockey Stick

The top of the range Platinum P1 Hockey Stick is really the best you can get. A 24K carbon strand (which contains 24,000 carbon fibres) is purified to achieve a strand width which is almost double most competitors. This is DynanoTex technology and really helps set the P1 aside.

This stick also includes an anti-vibration Integrated Dampening System (IDS) which gives the stick the coveted extreme stiffness while at the same time absorbing shock. You can be sure you will be burning many calories while you play.

TK Synergy S1 Plus Hockey Stick

The Synergy S1 also boasts the wonderful IDS of its platinum partner though you have to do without DynanaTex. In its place is a system of Nano Technology Construction that creates an extremely light yet stiff stick by layering carbon nanotubes at equal distances to create a super strong finish.

TK Synergy S4 Hockey Stick

The Synergy S4 is made of 50% carbon, 10% aramid and 40% glassfibre meaning that it is a composite of the best attributes of its materials. To use the sporting parlance, it is greater than the sum of its parts, and will surely add to the healthy effect the game has on your body.

TK Synergy S Junior Hockey Stick

Too often, junior sticks are simply substandard versions of their full sized colleagues. This is not the case with the Synergy S as it is clear that TK take junior sticks very seriously. It’s important to begin being healthy early on in life so make sure you get your kids one this holiday season.

TK Core LTi 2.3 Hockey Stick

The most extravagantly named of the range, the LTi 2.3 is designed with skill in mind. A bow that has been moulded to facilitate drag flicks and with a placement that facilitates dynamic dribbling, this stick definitively lives up to its name.

Picking fitness regimes that are really your own and that you can pursue with a passion, such as hockey or basketball, swimming or even dancing, can be your way to a healthy and fulfilling life. Fitness can be fun, and with the equipment mentioned above you can also make sure it is safe.

Keep Fit and Have Fun Playing Hockey: Tips on Safe Equipment

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