I found the fastest way to get rid of acne

April 7, 2013

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Get Rid Of Acne In Easy Steps

Get Rid Of Acne In Easy Steps

I have suffered from oily skin and breakouts since I was a teenager. At first it was just a pimple here and there, but then it became a continual problem that worsened over time. I was desperate and looking for the fastest way to get rid of acne. I went to the dermatologist and took a prescription, cleansed my face daily, yet didn’t see any results. I felt ashamed and ugly and didn’t have any confidence in my looks. Having to pierce pimples and blackheads is really not fun, and acne scarring can ruin your face for life. I really didn’t expect it to get much better until I found an at home all natural treatment regimen for acne.

The first thing I do is a facial steaming to open and unclog my pores. I boil some water and empty it into a bowl. Then I add a secret ingredient to the water that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to kill what causes acne and infected pores. That ingredient is pure tea tree oil. Just putting a few drops of tea tree oil into the steaming water does wonder for this skin clearing facial steaming. I started doing this several times a week. You can also apply a few drops of tea tree oil directly to the skin but this is a really potent oil and might be too strong for sensitive skin. For substantial breakouts and complexion problems like I had, a facial steaming is definitely the way to go.

After opening my pores, I do something that really deeply cleanses them and leaves my face feeling much better. I use a great face mask for acne made of plant and mud botanicals. The jet black mask stays moist on the skin and is really soothing. After I wash it off my skin is feeling so clean, fresh, and healthy. But it is the continued use of this mask over time that not only cures my acne problem it keeps more acne from forming. I used the mask every day for 3 weeks to start and my skin has never looked better. Now I use it once a week for maintenance and am very happy to have a clear complexion.

After using a great face mud mask for acne, it is important to moisturize the skin without irritating it. I found an amazing organic treatment serum that is packed with essential oils and amino acids. It penetrates the skin and soothes it so much. This keeps the skin moist and supple and prevents itching and flakiness. It also keeps the pores from becoming infected again or inflamed. I use this serum daily after cleansing my face or applying the facial mask.

So I want to tell all of you acne sufferers and people with problem skin that there are some great treatments you can do at home to really fix this problem. Don’t get acne get so bad that is scars your skin and slaughters your confidence and appeal. Be in charge of your face and beat this problem once and for all like I did, it’s really worth the effort.

About the author: John Mathews lives in Rome, Italy and is a self-proclaimed natural health addict and skin care enthusiast spending countless hours sampling and testing out which products really work for which type of skin. He runs the website Beautiful Facial that provides targeted full skin care routine recommendations for unprecedented results.

I found the fastest way to get rid of acne

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