Some Factors That Make Back Specialists So Important

May 12, 2013


Back pain

Back pain

Back pain specialists offer various methods and treatments for back pain and in the process help many deal with pain that is chronic or acute. Back pain specialists are often found in the following medical categories: physical therapy, interventional radiology, anesthesiology, physical medicine or rehabilitation. Others who may be involved in relieving back pain are in the following medical categories: psychiatry, behavioral science and psychology. A back specialist can offer several methods and treatments that lessen and improve back pain.

Pain specialists are important not only in diagnosing and relieving back pain but also in treating those who have back pain. When choosing a back pain specialist it is important to look for certain traits such as: a doctor who listens well, a doctor who is honest and trustworthy, who is knowledgeable about pain and treating pain, has a good reputation and who encourages your feedback on your back pain. What makes a pain specialist so needed and helpful is that he or she works closely with your primary care doctor so that the cause of your back pain can be found and the right treatment options given to you.

A back pain specialist will give a complete physical exam, talk with you about when and where the pain begins and may also order certain diagnostic tests such as: a bone scan, a chemistry screen, CT scan, an EMG, a complete blood count, electrical stimulation, a spinal x-ray or an MRI. Behavior therapy as well as physical therapy is also used to help lower pain. A back pain doctor can give you helpful advice and guidelines on how to treat your back or neck pain.

Back pain is treated various ways such as with certain medications like opiates, over the counter medication, creams and ointments, cortisone injections, physical therapy, electrotherapy, stretching exercises and behavioral modifications—such as relaxation techniques. Other types of treatment that are given for back pain are: anti-depressants and muscle relaxants.

For back pain that is chronic and severe, invasive techniques may be used to manage pain such as injections or placing certain devices into the body. Some pain management techniques that are effective and popular are: injections of steroids and Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is an injection of an irritant solution in order to stimulate the circulation of blood and also repair ligament damage. To conclude, to find out more about back pain symptoms, causes and treatments, consult a back specialist or back pain doctor or visit websites like These sites have in general knowledge information about the conditions as well as specific information like where to find spinal decompression treatments in Ottawa.

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Some Factors That Make Back Specialists So Important

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Back Pain

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