Exercise and Nutrition – You Need Both!

November 19, 2011


Exercise and Nutrition – You Need Both!


Exercise and Nutrition - You Need Both!

Exercise and Nutrition - You Need Both!


It’s common to hear people saying that they exercise and still have health issues, which is why they need medications. Or they’re on a diet, but are still gaining weight. While these situations would have to be analyzed on a case by case basis, a general truth is that exercise or a nutritional diet alone is not enough to be in great health. Your body needs a comprehensive strategy, otherwise the effects of poor health will come out in a variety of unexpected ways. While exercise and good nutrition may not protect you against hereditary problems that might necessitate alopecias treatment or other genetic afflictions, they form an amazing line of defense against most diseases and ailments.

In other words, you need both—exercise and dieting. And what you will find is that the two complement each other quite well. A robust nutritional diet will give your body energy, allowing you to excel in your exercise regimens; and exercise will stabilize your metabolic activity, allowing you to instinctively make better eating choices.

Which should you start with, exercise or a diet? That’s a chicken-or-the-egg question. You need to think about your body like a temple that is in constant need of renovation and maintenance. Each decision you make affects the temple. Every time you eat a Big Mac, you’re defacing your architecture. Conversely, every time you go for a jog or take a yoga class, you’re renovating vital bodily systems. It’s not an ‘either-or’ question, nor is it something that can be put off for later.

Exercise improves and refurbishes every major system of your body, from your circulatory functions and cardiovascular health to your nervous system. The substances and nutrients we put in our bodies also affect us at every level. If you go for a jog and then eat a Big Mac, you’ve done more than just cancel the jog, you’ve inserted a toxic mess into the circuitry of your chest. And jogging won’t unclog your arteries. Bill Clinton was an avid jogger, but he still needed major bypass surgery because he was also an avid fast-food eater.

The point of this is not for you to despair your past habits, but to actively address your present lifestyle. A combination of exercise and dieting will get you where you need to be. But you can’t substitute one for the other. Healing your body isn’t a magic act, it’s constant cycle of care and maintenance that should be enjoyable and inspiring.


Exercise and Nutrition – You Need Both!


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