Chronic Fatigue Illness – How Can It Affect Your Life

September 27, 2012

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Chronic Fatigue Illness

Chronic Fatigue Illness

Chronic fatigue illness (CFI) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder which causes persistent, unexplained and sometimes very debilitating fatigueness in the human body.

Living with the chronic fatigue illness is totally frustrating for most of the people because most of the health care professionals have very limited knowledge and understanding regarding this condition like why it is developing and how it is developing.

The possible cause of CFI is not known clearly till date. But certain hypothesis and theories found somewhat reliable to the etiology of CFI which explains certain reasons for the occurrence of CFI like

  • Chronic Epstein Barr virus infection
  • Total allergy syndrome
  • Body wide yeast infection
  • Lyme disease
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity syndromes
  • Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus infection
  • Murine leukemia virus

But in case of carefully followed research studies, none of the above conditions has proven to cause CFI. Hence perfect clinical correlation studies are highly needed for the confirmation of the cause and diagnosis of CFI. Certain studies and evidence reports suggested that the CFI is an immune disorder which makes the body’s immune system to perform abnormally. Whatever it appears in the research conclusion, the etiology of CFI is still remains unknown only.
Besides the etiology of CFI certain risk factors and incidence were identified which showed highly possible chances of obtaining CFI.

  • The CFI is found more often among the young aged people than the children and old people
  • Comparatively women are more prone to get the CFI than men
  • CFI is most often diagnosed in white people

The major symptoms of CFI are as follows:

  • The hallmark symptom is severe fatigueness
  • Chronic Backache
  • Chronic Headache
  • Lack of Memory
  • Concentration difficulties
  • General Myalgia
  • Sore throat
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Tenderness in the cervical lymph nodes
  • Because of the persistent fatigueness the person will get more mental disturbances like moodiness, depression, sudden anxiety and anger, etc.

Mostly the chronic fatigue syndrome will be diagnosed based on the case presentation, medical history, physical examination, urine testing, and blood testing.

With unknown etiology treating CFI is highly impossible and thus no perfect treatment has been established yet. As the CFI is not a new disease, and there are so many history and knowledge available already regarding that, you should keep certain points strongly in the mind like that the disease is not an incurable but it can be cured or managed with greater difficulty.

The long term researches on CFI have yielded somewhat conflicting conclusions only. Certain patients got improvement with their symptoms over the time while others got more severe and worsen. Apart from the long term prognosis the CFI doesn’t caused any organ failure or death till now.

The most effective step to successfully cope up with the CFI problem is establishing a strong contact and bonding with a single experienced and knowledgeable health care personnel or physician.

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Chronic Fatigue Illness – How Can It Affect Your Life

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