How Energy Drinks Work?

December 8, 2011


How Energy Drinks Work?


How Energy Drinks Work

How Energy Drinks Work


Human body is made up of many different ingredients, and all these ingredients are needed by the body on the regular basis. These ingredients are also part of many other supplements, and hence it becomes easy to reach them. The concentration of these elements or ingredients is different. Some of them are needed in a large quantity while some of them are needed in a small quantity. All of these supplements combined to provide energy to the body. People can fulfill their energy from natural resources as well as from man made supplements. The difference between natural and artificial energy supplements is that artificial are quick and lasts only for some time.

Energy drinks are one of the very common energy supplements rich with different minerals and are really providing energy to the body. Different contents and their respective functions are as follows.


It is the most common ingredient of the energy supplements drinks and is found in a concentrated forma s compare to other drinks like coffee and cola, etc. most of these drinks contain about 80 mg to 200 mg of caffeine. Its main effect on the body is that caffeine is stimulating the nervous system which brings a sense of alertness and activeness to the body. Mostly, in energy based drinks the needed amount of caffeine is acquired by Guarana.

Vitamin B:

These are ameliorated minerals for cell growth and metabolic activities. These are also helping to maintain the performance of central nervous system. They also enhance the level of mental activities. In some energy boosters, a minimum amount of Vitamin B12, B5 and B6 are also present. However, the excessive amount of these vitamins leads to severe health risks.


It is a type of amino acid, which abundantly found in the human body.  In stressful condition, the human body naturally excretes Taurine that result in anxiety, hypertension, and high blood pressure and also reduces the level of mental activities. Energy boosters are found well in such condition, which provides the sufficient amount of Taurine to the body as a result of which body becomes balanced in its functions.

A balanced amount of these energy supplements is good and safer. 

How Energy drinks Work?

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