Eliminating Body Pains with Yoga

September 21, 2011

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Many people think that yoga is either for really flexible people who have had past experience with dance, gymnastics, or martial arts, or that it is some type of meditative exercise that requires little or no physical exertion. However, yoga is an exercise that both men and women can participate in no matter what their age or level of current flexibility. While there are many different styles of yoga, such as vinyasa flow, hatha, and power yoga, all yoga helps to increase flexibility, reduce body pains, and help the internal organs function more smoothly.

office chairs for back pain

office chairs for back pain

Most of us who work in an office setting and remain seated most of the day develop various points of stress and tension that end up manifested as aches and pains in the body. Women tend to carry their office stress through the hips and neck, while men tend to carry their stress more in their backs.

Oftentimes people think that body aches and pains are due to standing, and believe that any type of exercise will just further exasperate their body aches and pains. However, most body aches and pains are due to consecutive hours of sitting and constantly compromising the body’s posture to view the computer screen. While thumbing around for office chairs for back pain, I was reading an article about how people can lessen their lower back pain from stretched based classes like yoga or Pilates.

The combination of stretching, lengthening, and straightening the back that Yoga provides insures that people are able to work out some of the kinks and tension they acquire during their work days. Specifically, hatha yoga works with opposite opposing forces of the body. This means that if a pose is completed on the right side, then the left side follows. When a person does an inverted posture, a relaxing posture counters the inversion completed.

By working the body in opposite ways, the body works without extra stress imposed upon it. Also, in hatha yoga, people get the opportunity to participate in poses that involve twisting the right an left side of the body. Poses that involve twisting like triangle, reverse triangle, and binds allows the back to twist naturally. These twisting motions let the internal organs ring themselves out. The ringing of the internal organs aids in digestion and increases metabolism. Twisting postures allow the body to crack and pop naturally, which lets the entire spinal column to realign without having to seek out the aid from manual adjustments and/or massage techniques.

So before you take dramatic measures to correct any back pain, or take yet another dose of ibuprofen, consider enrolling in a yoga class. Not only can it help you improve your posture, but it can do so in a clean, holistic way.


Eliminating Body Pains with Yoga


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