Early Signs of Pregnancy

March 4, 2013


Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

There are some woman who are that tuned into their body, that they know the exact moment when they’ve conceived. However there are others who are unaware for a couple of weeks, up until they miss a period. Whilst others miss the common signs and don’t discover they’re pregnant till later on.

Below are a few of the early signs of pregnancy:

Missed Period

The most reliable and well-known sign for women is a missed period. However some women may have a very light period. It’s easily recognised for those with a regular menstrual cycle.

A little bleeding around the time you’d usually expect your period is normal, caused by the hormones that control your periods breaking through.


You may experience some morning sickness, although this can also occur in the day or at night. Almost half of all pregnant women experience some form of nausea and/or vomiting. Most women experience morning sickness six weeks after their last period although this can vary.

Feeling Tired

It’s common to feel exhausted throughout pregnancy, in particular during the first 12 weeks. This is due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body. It can also cause you to feel extra sensitive and emotional for no particular reason.

Changes in your Breasts

At around six weeks pregnant, you may notice that your breasts become bigger and may appear swollen. They may also be extremely tender to touch, similar to how they are just before your period, but more so. Tenderness is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy. They may also tingle slightly, with blue veins visible below the skin.


Skin changes are common throughout pregnancy, in particular the nipples. The circle of skin around your nipples can sometimes become darker, usually from about eight weeks. Bumps may also occur around the nipples, or your nipples may become more erect.

Nipples may also tingle, which is sometimes one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.  This is due to the pregnancy hormones, which increase the blood supply to your breasts around the nipples.

Frequent Peeing

You may feel the urge to pee more often throughout the day and during the night.

Cramp and Vaginal Discharge

A pink or brown-coloured stain in your knickers is common as well as an increase in vaginal discharge. This is triggered by your egg embedding in your uterus.

You may also experience random cramps, in particular when you pee.

Alterations in your senses and taste

Women usually have a more sensitive sense of smell. A strange taste in the mouth is also common, usually a metallic taste.

Some women may go off certain foods or drinks they previously liked however develop cravings for new foods, sometimes foods of weird combinations.

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Early Signs of Pregnancy

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