Dieting Myths Busted Forever

April 20, 2011


Dieting myths busted forever reveals that the old sayings and thumb rules for keeping yourself fit are mere myths. Some of the most popular dieting myths are unraveled to educate health enthusiasts. So what are the old dieting techniques and why they are myths and should not be followed?

  1. Eat Breakfast Like A King And Dinner Like A Pauper
    The above saying recommends eating more in the morning because the body needs more energy to carry out work in the day and less energy in the night because we go off to sleep and all that we eat is stored in the body as fat. Biologically this is incorrect because in the morning cortisol level in our body is high and this leads to insulin resistance which means glucose contained in the blood readily gets converted to fat. So by eating more, fat accumulation in the blood becomes high. In the night however cortisol is at its lowest level which means the body  does not have any resistance to insulin and thereby glucose is stored into the cell as energy. Thus eating a good meal in the night is highly recommended and required.
  2. Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Everyday
    This is an absolute diet myth, it is because every body is different and requires different amount of water depending on the levels of activity and work environment. There cannot be a specific recommendation for drinking water, as the body sends message to the brain for prompting us to drink water when ever there is a need.
  3. Say No To Junk Food
    Junk food will not harm if eaten sparingly that is once in a week. This is the biggest diet myth busted as refraining completely from junk food actually leads to eating more junk food.
  4. Eating At Night Adds Weight To Body
    The most popular dieting myth is to avoid eating in the night. Wheat, millets, rice and ragi are high carbohydrate foods that need two hours for digestion that is to convert carbohydrate into glucose. Eating high carbohydrate food in the night is essential for supplying glucose to the body that readily gets converted to energy.
  5. Exercise To Lose Weight
    The weight of your body depends on your diet and not the amount of exercise that you do. Limit yourself to 15 minutes of exercising followed with 5 minutes of spot jogging. Additionally, 20 minutes of brisk walking will keep you fit. Anything more than this is invaluable.


These dieting myths have been followed blindly for ages; analyze your body type and the dietary recommendation before you start following it because every body has different needs and a different lifestyle. Choose a diet that suits you best.

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