Detox Recipes for the Bath

Another type of detox recipe, and a very pleasant one indeed, is the detox bath. As relaxing as a regular hot bath can be, imagine how much better it will be when a combination of specially chosen oils, herbs and other natural ingredients is penetrating your pores and flushing out those toxins.

Your bath detox can leave you feeling rejuvenated, reinvigorated, relaxed and ready to go. Spend at least thirty minutes and as much as an hour in one of these wonderful baths, and you’re virtually guaranteed to come out happier.

One of the oldest, most classic detox recipes for the bath is the epsom salt and baking soda bath. One cup of epsom salt, combined in the bath with two cups of baking soda will bring benefits you can feel. The minerals in these ingredients can do wonders to help the body’s detoxification process, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky. Add a few drops of a fragrant essential oil if desired,  and a spoonful of glycerin if you have dry skin.

Another bath detox that goes back centuries is the milk bath. You can do this one with a couple of cups of dry milk powder in the bath. Before you put it in, mix well with a cup of corn starch. Again, you can add essential oils as desired. Dried chamomile leaves can also make a wonderful addition to the milk bath.

Oatmeal baths are another great recipe, and one which has special benefits for the skin. If you enjoy a good body scrub, this is a great one to try. You can either mix a couple of cups of oatmeal in a blender until ground before adding the bath, or add three tablespoons of powdered oatmeal directly to the bath. Additions that are popular include blanched almonds mixed in to your ground oatmeal, or mild baby soap can be grated into the mixture. Any of these recipes can then be used in the bath to scrub the face and body. A fantastic detox.

Another great detox recipe is the ginger bath. Simply grate some fresh ginger until you have about a quarter cup, then put in some kind of cheesecloth, muslin bag or the like. You’re going to use this like a tea bag in your bath. Or, if you can find powdered ginger, you can simply throw a couple of tablespoons straight in the bath. Breath in deep. Enjoy!


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