How to Decide on an Emphasis for an MSN

March 29, 2013


Nursing programs

Nursing programs

When a nursing student graduate considers an area of study for a MSN, he or she may want to keep in mind the trajectory of the intended career he/she may choose and the opportunities that can evolve. In today’s health care system, nurses need masters or doctoral levels of education to be in leadership, teaching and administrative roles.

Another way to look at it is that master’s degree nursing programs can prepare the nurse for a variety of top-level positions in direct patient care. He or she can choose the path that is right by emphasizing a specialized area. These highly skilled professionals are high in demand to fill existing and future roles, allowing nurses to focus direction in several areas of practice, some examples are:

- Adult and family health care

- Specialized geriatric care

- Pediatric care

- Public health care

The graduate may want to prepare for the future changes in health care and the systems that run them.   As more patients age and enter the system, this population creates the need for transformation in healthcare. Many nurses with advanced education will be high in demand, and can choose the emphasis according to the area he/she lives in.  Beyond the professional opportunities nurses can gain with graduate education, there are benefits. Nurses with advanced preparation normally enjoy more opportunities and most likely as education increases, his or her salary will increase as well.

There are varieties of roles he/she can choose from, administration to teaching & research, and informatics to direct patient care. Nurses at this level can be:

- Clinical unit leaders, clinical educators, health policy consultants

- Nurse Managers, research assistants, public health nurses

 Individuals looking to earn an MSN may choose from these options and excel his/her career to new levels.

Throughout this career, he/she will continue to expand their knowledge base due to advancement in technology and nursing related research. For those that may want to play a part in developing new skills and practice innovations, now is the time for you to consider graduate-level nursing education.

On-line education has become very popular, allowing the student to continue working while learning on his or her own time. With accredited programs offered at top universities, on-line and distance learning can accommodate graduates who may not want to have a campus lifestyle. Several studies have shown on-line education students perform better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. This is an option for graduate students that may need to work, while continuing his/her career in nursing.  See what on-line programs are available, it can change your idea of campus life and give the freedom to enjoy your education and the benefits that may come with it. See what on-line has to offer for your MSN.

How to Decide on an Emphasis for an MSN

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Nursing programs

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