Dealing with Diabetes

December 31, 2011


Dealing with Diabetes


Dealing with Diabetes

Dealing with Diabetes


Due to the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the United States, the number of individuals suffering from Type 2 Diabetes has increased dramatically over the last few years. According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 26 million U.S. resident suffer from diabetes – that’s over 8 percent of U.S. population, and many struggle to maintain good health once diagnosed.

In addition to having an excellent physician and blood sugar monitor, diabetics need to strongly focus on their diets in order to avoid worsening their symptoms or causing other health conditions. A few key things to remember when adhering to a diabetic diet include:

Carbs are Friends

When it comes to most diets, most people try to avoid simple carbs; however, for diabetics, carbs are a good thing. Because carbohydrates quickly digest and are available to be immediately used as energy, they are the quickest way for a diabetic to raise their blood sugar levels. While carbs are good for a diabetic to incorporate into a diet, many can lead to empty calories that can actually increase weight gain so diabetics should work with their physician to find a good balance of simple and complex carbs for their daily diet.

Watch Your Salt

A diet high in sodium can increase the likelihood of high blood pressure and hypertension. Because diabetics are already at risk for additional heart disease and other conditions, they should reduce the risk any further by reducing their salt intake. Instead of canned items, try to always choose fresh or frozen fruits and veggies, and when eating soups, choose those that are lower in sodium.

Reduce Your Fat Intake

In reality, we should all be watching the amount of fat that we allow in our daily diets. Diets high in fat are at further risk for heart disease and stroke, just as those individuals suffering from diabetes are. Because diabetes increases the likelihood of these diseases, diabetics should stay away from high fat items, opting for leaner meats, low fat spreads, and light cooking oils.

Living with type 2 diabetes isn’t always easy, but refusing to watch your diet could lead to more crippling symptoms and even death. So even when you are confronted with diabetes, choose to live your life the healthy way by going to regular checkups, watching your diet, and exercising regularly.

Dealing with Diabetes

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