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tibia and fibula were found so soft that they were readily cut

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following practical remarks It will sometimes happen that

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Because the crossing in the cord of sensory fibers carrying certain sen

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sick people or to those suffering from disorders of the

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formly contracted pelvis aequabilifer justo minor retains

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necessarily cover a period of months if not years the length of

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vomiting was absent in fifteen cases optic neuritis was observed in

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harmony between the different symptoms and a predominance of

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crude round cells the so called pus corpuscles or mucus corpuscles

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the generative organs. As yet nothing is known of infection

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THROAT. You all know where to find the tonsil just beneath the angle

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from three to six weeks the bone would be in a per

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The hysterical condition calls for remedies to soothe the nervous j t


or a necrotic caseous material. A gland presenting the indicated

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The normal bile is sterile. If there be any obstruction to the outflow

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was present channels of communication were established and main

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payments for physician services beginning March. The increase negotiated

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Professor of Clinical Surgery Bennett Medical College Consulting Surgeon

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sults. Pipe clay with glycerin or combined with glycerin

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sults obtained can be fairly attributed to the vaccine

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furnishes a ver gt active and palatable preparation.

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shoes. Corn is an analogical term although bearing no

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judicial decision but justice mainly when the deci

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practitioners I began this powder and after six doses of it

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the use of aseptic dry gauze packing to exclude infection

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were Fir.st its rarity in a child occurring according to

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large amount of serous infiltration takes place in the surrounding

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with a blanket and provided with a horse hair bolster hangs

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The vanishing point of the pulse when we use the stetho

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