Health through Cycling

January 21, 2013


Health through Cycling

Health through Cycling

Cycling is a refreshing fun activity and a fantastic workout that allows you to derive pleasure while, ensuring your overall fitness. It is also the easiest exercise that can fit into your daily routine since it is a mode of transport. Riding a bicycle helps to save money, makes you fit and is environment-friendly. Moreover, since it’s a low-impact kind of exercise, it is easier on the joints of your body as compared to running, swimming or other high-impact aerobic exercises. Additionally, cycle riding has a broader appeal as children, teenagers, adults and even able-bodied senior citizens enjoy it thoroughly. The benefits of riding a cycle are numerous and can go way beyond physical fitness.

Benefits of Cycling For Health

Promotes Weight Loss:

Cycling can help to reduce weight, if it is done on a regular basis. It is particularly beneficial for people who are obese as riding cycle for minimum 30 minutes every day can aid to manage weight and also get rid of the bulging fat and flabby waistline. It also burns calories and increases the metabolic rate, which encourages weight loss.

Enhances Blood Circulation:

Cycling also facilitates proper circulation of blood since; the whole body gets involved while performing this exercise. When you pedal, you tend to control your breathing; this helps your blood to circulate oxygen throughout the body and protects the body from many common illnesses.

Controls Diabetes:

Riding a bicycle is known to control the blood sugar level. When a diabetic patient cycles on a daily basis; they will notice a drastic improvement in their blood sugar level. This can also aid to avert the onset of Type 2 diabetes, over a period of time.

Cardio Health:

Riding a cycle can make your heart beat in a steady manner and assist in improving cardiovascular health. Several studies have revealed that cycling at least half an hour a day can raise cardiovascular fitness by 5-7%. Cycle riding entails the use of almost all muscle groups in the body, which raises the heart rate and offers fitness.

Improves Co-ordination:

Cycling is ideal for your coordination. Steering with both the hands and moving the feet around in circle while, balancing your body’s weight is a good practice for improving your coordination skills. It is also a good way of enhancing stamina effectively because many people like to ride cycle so they don’t notice that they have ridden farther than their target distances.

Tones Muscles:

Minimum five miles of cycle riding per day will guarantee toned and trimmer muscles because your backside, upper thigh muscles and calf muscles all work together to offer you toned muscles. Moreover, it permits you to perform your daily activities more efficiently.

Boosts Immunity:

Cycling is excellent for your immune system as it can help to strengthen your immunity power and protect against few types of cancer.

Offers Relaxation:

The satisfaction and pleasure gained while riding a cycle can assist in easing your anxiety, stress and depression. Cycle riding can improve your overall fitness level. It can also make you perspire more and breathe deeper and by this means it leads to a feeling of improved body temperature.

Overall, in order to obtain all these health benefits, you should follow correct tips and techniques associated with cycling to ensure optimal physical fitness, heart health and mental well-being.

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Health through Cycling



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