How Couples Therapy Can Help Benefit You, And Your Partner

April 28, 2013

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be the source of the greatest happiness you will ever feel, but unfortunately this doesn’t last for all of us, sometimes relationships need to undergo maintenance, and after a period of time it may seem like yours is beyond repair. However couples therapy has already helped thousands of couples worldwide, and yours could be salvaged with the help of our friendly staff and expert counsellors.

You Don’t Have To Be In A Relationship To Benefit From Couples Counselling.

Although couples therapy may seem a programme that accommodates for couples only, this is not the case, it can help you overcome a lost marriage or even moving on to a new love. It helps you let go of the past and move on, opening your heart to another person and experiencing the love you deserve again. Couples therapy can help you establish the boundaries between you and a new partner, so you can develop a fresh, healthy relationship.

Changing Your Old Habits

All people change over time, and sometimes this can take its toll on a relationship, you may look back and think “this isn’t the person I fell in love with”. This can be debilitating to a couple, and over time these thoughts will wear down on your relationship. Couples therapy can help you change habits in which you have formed, habits which may be taking a toll on your relationship. An example of a common relationship problem is:

  • Going out regularly, and leaving your spouse behind.

This is a common argument among couples, as the man, or wife that is left behind may feel left out from the regular activity, thoughts such as “why can’t they take me” or “why won’t they stay home to spend time with me” may occur, gradually this can lead to a separation issue, in which each person is more comfortable on their own rather than with the spouse. This instinct, to adapt to the environment to decrease the emotional harm committed is a common issue, and if left untreated, can lead to further problems and maybe even divorce.

How A Couples Counsellor Can Help You

A couple’s counsellor can help you by aiding the communication process, teaching you how to talk face to face calmly without shouting, or arguments occurring.  This process can truly save a marriage, as the skills you learn during this course can aid you in married life. For couples counselling to truly have the full effect, both parties need to be willing to change in order to save the marriage.

Step By Step Changes

If your relationship is truly weakened by the destructive habits formed, then it may be hard to change them all at once. Nobody expects you to do this, and by changing everything at once it may be overwhelming, sabotaging your relationship further. This is why couples therapy takes habits one at a time, dealing with them and correcting them before moving on to the next, giving you time to adjust to the changes that will occur. You may feel like your relationship is too far gone to attempt to revive it; however any relationship can be revived, no matter how much damage has been done. If both parties are willing to try, then couples therapy can truly save your marriage and set you on the road to a long and happy life together.

Author Bio

Charlotte O’Brian works in a couples therapy programme, and believes that by practicing the methods that are put in place by your counsellor; you can truly put the spark back into your relationship.  Expert new jersey psychologist can be used to identify troubled areas in your relationship, so they become easier to understand, forcing you to realize that your problems aren’t so big, and can be easily corrected with time, effort and love.

How Couples Therapy Can Help Benefit You, And Your Partner

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Couples Therapy

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