Cosmetics Organized and Simplified

May 20, 2013

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Got lots of make-up? Is your bag full on “unnecessary” clutter? Here are useful tips and advices on how to organize your cosmetic products for a simpler, faster, beauty regimen.

Clutter on your countertop

If your mornings are characterized by scouring through bottles and containers, it’s time for you to get organized. Here’s how

1      Transfer creams and the like to spill proof pump dispensers. This saves you precious minutes you spend in opening lids and closing them back. It is also a more sanitary way as you wouldn’t need to dip your hand unto the cream again (which introduces mircoorganisms or other dirt unto the cream). It also preserves the viability and strength of the creams you are using, as they remain clean.

2      Save time by having presoaked eye pads on late nights (gives you more time for rest) and eye makeup remover pads for that mascara. Instead of having cotton pads, you can just buy tubs which save you more space. Some of the pad tubs available in the market come in taller ones which allows you to store 50% more tubs and it just costs a little over $8 in drugstores.

Is your bag cluttered with stuff? It must be a rush to put on makeup and find those that you really need. Prevent those by:

1      Designating a “five minute face “spot on your closet. This five minute spot must contain the a products that you need or use every morning when you go to work or get out of the house. Place them on a drawer with dividers so you see everything that you need (prevents your from scouring or digging around). If you don’t have enough space, a makeup bag works as well, ,if you travel a lot, a makeup case is very useful. Tip: segregate your liquids or spillables in a separate pocket or resealable bag.

2      Toss out anything that’s been there for 18 months, especially if none of thseo have been touched or consumed at all. Mascara and anything placed in the eye must be thrown away for six months. Essentials that stay at the bottom of the bag or makeup kit must be evaluated. If you don’t use them last year, then toss them. Always ask yourself, if this is gone what would I lose?

3      Don’t remain attached to 20 lip colors or 10 eye shadows, once you have used thse place them in a box and place tags indicating their expiration date (three months). If you are fond of trying products regularly, evaluate them and make a firm decision if you are to put these into your “five minute” spot in the closet. If not better toss them. Tip: cosmetics that you have never tried or are way pass their expiration dates must be tossed out.

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Cosmetics Organized and Simplified

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