Cord Blood and Emerging Therapies for Diseases

March 19, 2013


Cord BloodCord blood studies have been making headlines lately, and growing evidence is pointing to the fact that cord blood may help to play a part in the curing of a variety of disorders, including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Type 1 Diabetes, and a host of other illnesses. While controversy remains around stem cell research and cord blood, the facts don’t lie, and the reality is that cord blood can take science to a whole new level, providing cures for illnesses that have existed in our world for centuries.

Stem Cell Transplants

In diseases where stem cell transplants are used as a therapy treatment, cord blood is currently accepted as a positive source of stem cells. While cord blood transplants have actually been taking place since the late 1980′s, 2011 was actually the year when cord blood transplants were properly licensed by the USFDA. Before 2011, it was not easy to obtain approval for these procedures if the patients’ insurance company did not cover them due to licensing issues. Today, however, more and more patients are allowed the opportunity to obtain these treatments, and a variety of clinical studies are opening up, allowing for the possibility of curing a broad range of illnesses.

Therapies on the Horizon

Parents that are considering banking their children’s cord blood often do so in the hopes that the cord blood will be able to assist in treating immediate family members that may be in need of a stem cell transplant in the future. Additionally, certain childhood illnesses can actually be treated with the child’s own stem cells, and while most parents do not wish to believe their child could develop an illness that would benefit from a cord blood transplant, they opt to bank the stem cells as an insurance policy, so to speak. While the probability of their child or an immediate family member needing this type of therapy is actually quite low, many parents simply wish to do their part in assisting important medical research.

Emerging Therapies

Currently, there are a variety of clinical trials taking place that are receiving a fair share of positive media attention, and these therapies all consist of the child using their own cord blood to treat the disease. Current potential therapies include Cerebral Palsy, and the clinical trials are now in Phase 2. Autism is a disorder that continues to grow in numbers. Currently, 1 in 88 children in the United States have some form of Autism and parents are desperate for a solution. Cord blood clinical studies for the treatment of Autism are now in Phase 2, bringing hope to parents throughout the US. There are also clinical trials taking place for both Type 1 Diabetes and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Cord Blood Studies Give Hope for the Future

While cord blood research still has a way to go, the proof cannot be ignored. Cord blood transplants may truly turn out to provide “miracle cures” for many illnesses, bringing real hope for the future to the medical world.

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Cord Blood and Emerging Therapies for Diseases

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