4 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

November 20, 2012


Control High Blood Pressure

Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is indeed a silent killer that can attack and knock you down when you least expect. Once a month, one should check their blood pressure to make sure there is no risk of heart disease connected to high blood pressure. If you do discover you have a high blood pressure your doctor may prescribe you some pills; we’re not saying that our tips will cure you, but we do suggest to give them a try, as they won’t hurt either. Our tips not only help reduce your high blood pressure, but they also improve the quality of life.

1. Lose the Extra Pounds

There is a direct link between obesity/weight gain and high blood pressure. If the first goes up, then the latter will follow. Did you know that losing only 15 pounds can make a world of difference for your blood pressure? Also, if you lose weight, the pills the doctor prescribed will become more effective. Always consult your doctor before starting any weight loss regime – you want to avoid any complications.  If your waist is bigger than 40 inches (men) and 35 inches (women), then you’re at risk of developing blood pressure!

2. Reduce Your Stress

Stress will increase your blood pressure and while it is hard to control stress, you can try to manage it. If work is stressing you out, try to find what exactly is the responsible for it and see if you can fix it. Take breaks and try some deep-breathing, have a hobby outside work or even get into Yoga. Another great stress reducer is sex. If you’re in a relationship you could try to spice things up and try some sex toys, there are some great websites you can go on and search for something you and your partner might like – we did and came up with babeland.com

3. Exercise Regularly

It is a well-known fact that regular physical activity can and will lower your blood pressure and the great thing about it is that the effects are almost immediate. Jogging will make your heart stronger and thus it will manage blood pressure much better. Talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program – you need their approval so that you make sure you don’t do more harm than good.

4. Eat a Balanced Diet

Low-fat and bio is the key. Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible and do ease up on red meat, it doesn’t do your heart any good. Instead go for chicken breast and fish – never fried!

4 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

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