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March 1, 2018


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the subject and who desires to supplement his own ex

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mach or cause the evolution of acid from the system through

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testes the posterior located in the median line the anterior entirely

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cose fungous ulcerative indicate. On the other hand

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practice before the passing of this Act. That the Registrar

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later according to the age of the patient and severity

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agent as in the case of the other tumor seems to de

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graduate of the Jefferson Medical College of Phila

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neglect of proper grooming and care of the skin of horses.

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tracts while the cerebellum corpora quadrigemina pons and medulla appear

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spots especially on the second and third division the

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materialized. Friday June percent of nurses and surgical technicians visited

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but complaining of general slackness and want of tone in whom the

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or two without great impairment of health the affec

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in regard to arsenic given by M. Orfila but they are far from

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Treatment is not very successful. Puiging is of some help

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always more prone to spasm than in the adult Stridulous laryngitis how

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neutralizes tlie irritating action of the iodide of potassium.

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The first time in the calorimeter fourteen hours after

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then gradually add concentrated sulphuric acid. This reaction cannot

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