Chocolate diet – Lose 6kg in a week

August 31, 2012


Chocolate diet

Chocolate diet

The chocolate diet is not only delicious, but useful too. With this diet you can lose from 3 to 6 kilos in about 5-7 days.

What does the chocolate diet include

Caffeine stimulates the blood circulation and lymph, also prevents swelling. In addition, it is one of the most effective ingredients to combat cellulite and overweight – the effects of caffeine activates fat distribution, and the skin regains its firmness. Cocoa beans contains about 55% oil which is brown and has chocolate taste. Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E. It consists of essential fatty acids that restore cell membranes, promote retention of moisture in the skin.

Cocoa is the only product of plant origin, which gives high energy and has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Classic chocolate diet:

The chocolate diet menu for 7 days:
* Breakfast: 30 g dark chocolate (without raisins, nuts, etc..) And a cup of unsweetened coffee.
* Lunch: 30 g of dark chocolate and coffee.
* Dinner: 30 grams of dark chocolate and coffee.

Unload day with chocolate.

- The chocolate diet menu for one day.
* For breakfast 30 grams chocolate and a cup of black coffee.
* For lunch and 30 g chocolate and coffee (unsweetened).
* For dinner – the same 30 grams of chocolate and coffee.

Advantages of the chocolate diet:

Chocolate diet gives quick results in a short period of time. It will help you to quickly get in shape for any event. For example you can quickly lose weight for a trip or excursion.

Another plus for fans of this diet is to appreciate the sweetness of chocolate – it is really hard to resist a piece of chocolate. For example the rice diets forbids it for 7 days.

Disadvantages of the chocolate diet:

The main disadvantage is the many contraindications – before this diet, you should consult a doctor or follow the diet under medical supervision.

The second big minus is that it doesn’t normalize the metabolism.

The diet cannot be followed for diabetes, diseases of the stomach, liver and pancreas. Chocolate can hurt the liver, so if possible, before choosing a diet, consult your doctor! Also do not forget that coffee increases blood pressure.

Chocolate diet – Lose 6kg in a week

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Chocolate diet

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