Top 8 Chest Congestion Remedies

May 27, 2012

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Top 8 Chest Congestion Remedies



Chest Congestion Remedies

Chest Congestion Remedies

Chest congestion is a phenomenon wherein the person is unable to expectorate secretions leading to congestion of the lungs. The most common management of chest congestion is the administration of expectorants and mucolytics in order to loosen the secretions and aid the easier expectoration of the lung secretions. Children have the higher tendency to develop chest congestion because of inability to cough out the secretions like adults. If you are one that is not into taking medications, or simply want a natural remedy for chest congestion, you can try the remedies for the condition. The top 8 chest congestion remedies include:


Fluids are the number one remedy for chest congestion. When you increase your fluid intake, the phlegm tends to be moisturized better; thereby becomes more loose. Fluids can be in the form of drinking more than 8 glasses of water in a day, drinking fresh fruit juices, and drinking warm tea. Fluids do not only help liquefy secretions for easier expectoration, but also soothes sore or itchy throat that comes with coughing.

Steam Inhalation

In hospitals, patients are given nebulization to loosen the secretions as well as dilate the airways. At home, you can have simple steam inhalation that acts in the same way with nebulizers. You can have steam inhalation by boiling water and placing it on a cup. Inhale the hot steam as you cover a clean cloth around your head to prevent the steam from escaping. You can also have steam inhalation by opening the hot shower inside the bathroom and staying inside while the vapor or steam are still there. Make sure to exercise deep breathing to inhale the steam better.

Lemon and Honey

One of the most popular remedy for chest congestion is having a fresh lemon juice with honey. Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C that helps you recover fast. Honey contains adequate sugar that increases your energy levels. When combined, both soothe throat irritation and chest congestion. Squeeze a fresh lemon and mix with honey. You can mix them in warm water to add soothing effects.

  1. Bee balm is also another well known remedy for chest congestion. Bee balm contains antiseptic properties, which help eradicate the infection in the lungs that causes production of sputum. Bee balm may also clear the sinuses and ease breathing. Take bee balm leaves and mix in a cup of hot water. Leave for about five minutes to allow the substances to mix with the hot water. Take the decoction three times a day.
  2. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne powder contains capsicum and antioxidant properties, which are very effective in acting as expectorants. Generally, all spicy foods may help clear the lungs as well as the airways.


Thyme is also a good natural remedy for chest congestion. It acts as a natural expectorant and also soothes difficulty of breathing by relaxing the airways and the sinuses. Prepare a solution by mixing two tablespoons of thyme in a cup of boiling or hot water. Drink the solution while hot to add therapeutic effects because the steam may also loosen the secretions.


Parsley is not only beneficial for cooking and garnishing, but also has health benefits in relieving chest congestion. Although it stimulates histamine release that may aggravate the inflammatory cascade in the lungs, this same mechanism helps to eradicate the infection to permanently relieve chest congestion.

Hot chicken soup

Those experiencing respiratory conditions as well as poor well-being always benefit from eating a hot chicken soup. It generally relaxes the body and improves the well-being of sick individuals regardless of the ailment. In relation to chest congestion, chicken soup has fluids that liquefy secretions.


These remedies for chest congestion are especially effective for mild to moderate cases of chest congestion. Those experiencing severe condition may require medications and oxygen therapy.

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Top 8 Chest Congestion Remedies

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