Cheaper, Easier & Safer: Your Guide to Online Pharmacies

May 2, 2013




With all of the controversy surrounding the status quo of the American Health Care system, more and more, Americans across the nation are turning to Canada for help with their medicinal woes. There is no end in sight for the trend of skyrocketing Health Care costs, and with spending on prescriptions expected to double within the next decade; it is more important than ever to know your options and re-evaluate how much you are spending on medicine.


Reports compiled by Kaiser Health Education show Health Care costs increasing annually at an average rate of nearly 3-4x what U.S. inflation has been over the past decade. In addition, American spending on prescription drugs is projected to double from $259 billion in 2010 over the next 10 years!

For many today, this trend is totally unacceptable; insurance is either not affordable or sensible when it comes to covering the costs of the prescription drugs they require. This is especially true for those who suffer from Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, Heartburn, High Cholesterol and Hypertension; just to name a few… Drugs such as Advair, Lipitor, Prilosec, Singulair and Xanax can cost less than 1/3 the price of their American counterparts.

A recent study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) in Cambridge, Massachusetts found that on average, U.S. based prescription pharmaceutical drugs were 51% more expensive than the Canadian price for the same drug.


There are already hundreds of thousands of Americans who have their prescriptions filled through online pharmacies in Canada. All you need is a prescript from your doctor and a credit card and you can have your non-narcotic prescriptions filled and shipped to you within minutes. Basic shipping costs are generally in the range of $10 and take 2-3 business weeks to arrive.

It may seem like a long time to wait for your medication to arrive, but you can have up to a 90 day supply shipped to your door, so you only need to place 4 orders a year!


The most important concern for many, when purchasing medication online, is finding a reputable pharmacy which offers a secure transaction and provides safe, high-quality medication. In the same study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a number of online pharmacies and Canadian pharmaceutical inspection standards were studied. The pharmacies which were of the highest standard were those certified by the canadian international pharmacy association (CIPA).

CIPA is an association responsible for regulating the Canadian pharmacies which ship drugs to people in other countries including the United States. Every CIPA certified pharmacy operates identical to any physical pharmacy in the United States which you might use to buy purchase prescriptions in person. All CIPA sites employ actual pharmacists and require a prescription from a certified MD in order to purchase medication. Furthermore, all sites are secured by a reputable third party purchasing entity such as PayPal or buySAFE ensuring a seamless and secure transaction.

All prescription medication sold by CIPA certified sites is manufactured and quality-assured to an equal standard or greater standard than similar American drugs. The NBER Study validated and affirmed the quality assurance and customer satisfaction which hundreds of thousands of American customers have become accustomed to by purchasing from CIPA certified pharmacies.

CIPA has maintained a perfect safety record for over a decade since it was formed in 2002.

Cheaper, Easier & Safer: Your Guide to Online Pharmacies

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