Cervical Collar Offer Ultimate Comfort And Support For Your Neck Injury

April 20, 2013


Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar

Cervical collar is medical equipment, which is used by the people to combat their neck and head injury. It is manufactured by the company, which provide medical device solutions and it is designed by medical professionals using the latest technology to provide ultimate comfort to the patients.

The collar is designed in such a way that it is adjustable in both width and height and it perfectly fits around one’s neck. It is supported by means of multi-layer foam support and ensures comfort. People with soft tissue injury and head injuries are able to quickly recover from the problem without much discomfort.

Why you need a collar for head or neck injury?

The cervical collar is recommended by the physician right after the injury. It has to be worn by the patient at least for 8 to 10 hours a day for 1 or 2 months until the neck recuperates. In order to recover fast from the whiplash injury, you need to follow the instructions given by the physician properly.

Cervical fracture puts you at a high risk and it may lead to spinal cord injury. You could notice that many car accident victims suffer from whiplash and most of the medical professionals suggest the victims to wear a collar to prevent further injury. Once you start wearing a collar, you may feel much relieved and continue wearing them until the injury is completely healed.

Cervical collar supports following treatment

In order to stabilize the neck area and to safeguard the patient from further damage, the cervical collar is helpful. If it is not treated properly the neck problem may lead to death or paralysis. For a speedy recovery, you can use this device and it is easily available in all the medical stores and hospital pharmacies.

The cervical support is used to treat chronic medical conditions and it includes sprains and spinal cord problem. The cervical spine is composed of soft tissue and it is easily damaged during the sudden rotation and hypertension. Along with this device, you need to take medical treatment and do some simple exercises

Cervical radiculopathy is often caused due to trauma and when the nerve roots are badly damaged. It can be corrected by means of surgical treatment and after that use hard type collar to ease the discomfort.

There are two types of collars such as soft and rigid. The soft type can be used for minor problems and it is highly flexible to wear. The rigid one is built using plastic bi-valved shell and it is supported with removable padded liners and flexible straps.


The medical supply company designs a cervical collar as per the recommended guidelines. It provides following features:

  • Provide complete support to the cervical spine
  • Keeps you in an anatomic position
  • Offer gentle immobilization and also comfort
  • Covered with soft cotton stockinet fabrics
  • Sufficient vents for air flow


While wearing this device you will not able to move your head abruptly. The collar prevents the patient from turning suddenly because a sharp turn will damage the tissue around the neck. You must take care of yourself while you are taking a rest in a reclining position and also avoid driving while wearing this.

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Cervical Collar Offer Ultimate Comfort And Support For Your Neck Injury

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Cervical Collar

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