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Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

For nearly any hair type, using at least some hair care products is a necessity for preserving the condition of hair. A person’s specific goals and hair type, as well as their daily schedules, will influence which type of hair product’s he or she needs. For those who are not well versed in the realm of hair products, knowing what various products do and which to try may be a frightening thought. It is vital that every person know the most basic hair care products, as well as their uses for different hair types.

Shampoo is one hair care product that a majority of people use or have used previously. Often in a liquid state, shampoo is a product scrubbed into the scalp and rinsed out of hair which is used to clean hair. Although shampoo is a quick and convenient product to clean hair with, it can be very drying and even damaging for some hair types. Those with curly or dry hair may want to limit or eliminate completely the use of shampoo. The sulfates found in common shampoos are what strip hair of natural oils and cause dryness. Another alternative to conventional shampoo is sulfate free shampoo, which is very similar to shampoo with less of the drying agents.

After shampooing their hair, many people are also accustomed to using conditioner. Contrary to popular knowledge, many conditioners are not truly moisturizing the hair. The silicones found in conditioners coat hair, but are synthetic and do not penetrate the shaft; therefore, they give hair a silky, shiny appearance without actually moisturizing. Using a more natural conditioner, or at least one without silicones, can help a person see a tremendous difference in the quality of their hair. Additionally, conditioners may be used to wash the hair instead of shampoo. The term “co-wash” is short for conditioner wash, which referrers to the practice of using conditioner to wash hair. Using conditioner to wash hair is another way for people with dry, damaged, or curly hair to restore moisture without stripping natural oils.

Leave in conditioners are similar to regular conditioners, but are meant to be left in the hair. Nearly all hair types can benefit from a leave in conditioner, but the intensity of the leave in may vary. For instance, those with healthy straight hair may want to use a very light leave in conditioner. Many regular conditioners may be left in the hair and used as leave in conditioners.

Gel is a hair care product which may help people with curly or wavy hair better define their hair and add volume. Generally, gel is smoothed on to the length of the hair after a leave in conditioner, and then scrunched upward to create definition. A person with straighter hair may also use a small amount of gel to help heat-less curls to form and hold. Moreover, gel may be used to create a sleeked back look for various updos.

Dry shampoo is an alternative for both shampoo and/or hairspray. Many people who do not wear their hair straight will not find as much of a need for dry shampoo. However, for people who have either straight or naturally more oily scalps, using dry shampoo may allow them to go more days without washing their hair. Dry shampoo tends to make hair more voluminous and pliable, so it can be an aid for many hairstyles.

Essential oils can also be useful hair care products, as they can be used for leave ins, hot oil/ deep treatments, and scalp massages. Many commonly used essential oils include; olive, almond, grape seed, jojoba, coconut, avocado, and Moroccan. Oils help to seal in moisture and condition hair, but they should be used sparingly (as not to give the hair a greasy appearance). Some hair types may not need to apply oils often, while others should incorporate them into their routines. Those interested in using essential oils for their hair should first research about how to use the oil for best results. Avoid petroleum/mineral oil and vegetable oil.

Heat protectant is a vital product for anyone using heat tools on their hair. Heat protecting hair care products from Pauls Hair World often have silicones (which coat the hair to protect it) so they can cause product build up. Although a heat protectant will not shield the hair completely from damage, it will greatly reduce it. Heat protectants should be applied before heat, and left to dry before heat is used.

Although many people have heard of the basic hair care products, they may not understand all of the proper uses. Each hair type may require different combinations of products, but all hair benefits from suitable care.


The Most Important Hair Care Products

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Hair Transplant Surgery: The Risks Vs Benefits Wed, 27 Mar 2013 23:06:40 +0000 Healthy Eating

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

If you’ve noticed your hair getting thinner or falling out lately, you may be interested in the hair transplant procedure.  Also known as follicular unit grafting, this procedure can help you achieve the natural looking results you’re hoping for. Whether you only have a small area you need help with, or you’re balding all around your head, you can get your hair back and feel your best, with the hair transplant surgery. Of course, with any surgery there are always benefits as well as risks, all of which are important to consider before deciding whether or not to go through with it.

The hair transplant surgery works by moving scalp hair and hair follicles from an area on the head with a lot of hair, to an area with thinning or no hair. This creates the look of fuller, thicker hair in that area, creating a natural look around the forehead and filling in areas where you may be lacking. It may take several surgeries in order to completely achieve the coverage you want. You may actually notice more hair loss immediately after the procedure, but new hair should grow back in the transplanted hair follicle areas.

The surgery is usually relatively quick, only an hour long in most cases, and is performed on an outpatient basis. The actual success of the procedure does depend on several factors, namely how many hair follicles remain healthy after being transplanted. The surgery is not successful in all cases.

Risks include an unnatural look, scarring, excessive bleeding, and infection. Although these risks are not common, they are potential risks you need to think about before going through with the procedure. To avoid these risks as much as possible, make sure you take time to find an experienced, reputable doctor you can trust in. Experience is the most important and influencing factor when choosing a doctor, so get personal recommendations, read reviews, and otherwise do your research to find the right doctor to perform your procedure.

Hair transplant surgery can help if you’re unhappy with the look of your thinning hair or bald areas on your head and want to change your look. Although it can be quite expensive, the cost is more than worth it to most people, who want to look and feel better. If you think the fue hair transplant surgery sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can talk to your doctor or make a consultation appointment to get more details on the procedure and determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate.

Hair Transplant Surgery: The Risks Vs Benefits

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The problem of hair loss faced by young men Fri, 09 Nov 2012 13:27:48 +0000 Healthy Eating

Pattern for male pattern baldness

Pattern for male pattern baldness

There are many men who suffer from the condition of male pattern baldness, also referred to as androgenic alopecia. This condition has nothing to do with age since even young men start experiencing a gradual receding hairline if they are genetically sensitive. Male pattern baldness is a condition in which there is shedding of hairs from the crown and temples, leaving hair only at the sides and the back of scalp. The crown and the temple meet in the middle, forming a horse shoe shape and a bald patch. Men should have detailed information about hair loss and its treatments so that they can stop the premature appearance of a bald patch.

To start with, you should avoid using excessive chemical gel, shampoos and cream on your head as it may trigger more loss of hair. You can make use of organic herbal products for getting better results. You need to avoid consuming extra non-soluble vitamins since they are known to affect your hair follicles. It is better to have a gentle scalp massage every day for ten minutes as it greatly stimulates blood circulation and thus hair growth. There are many underlying health conditions, which disturb your hair follicles, such as diabetes or lupus. You can also experience hair loss due to stress, lack of sleep, side effect of some medication, poor diet or hormonal imbalance.

The major reason behind male pattern baldness is the excess presence of a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. It is derived from the male hormone testosterone present in body. Testosterone gets transformed to DHT with the help of an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. When DHT is produced in abundance in body, it can cause shrinking of hair follicles. After some time, the hair follicles shrink with an intensity that the growth of hair stops completely. The good news is that you can take propecia finasteride to prevent hair loss in just a few months.

How Propecia treat baldness
Propecia is a prescription medication, which has the potential to treat hair loss and male pattern baldness effectively. This medication has also stimulated the growth of new hair in many men. Finasteride is the active ingredient of this medication, which acts as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, resulting in inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Therefore, the shrinking of hair follicles is prevented successfully which does not happen when DHT is produced in the body. It can be purchased in only one dosage strength of 1mg, and you should take one tablet every day till the time the doctor asks you to discontinue the treatment.

Propecia medication can cause some serious side effects if you take it without consulting a licensed doctor, as its ingredient might not be suitable for everyone. The potential side effects are itching, pain in the testicular area, rash, decrease in semen production, swelling of lips or face, ejaculation problems, erectile problems and a decrease in sex drive. These side effects mostly pass away when you stop taking the medication. You can know more about baldness and have an online diagnosis at, a certified online clinic.

Image source and copyright: Merck & Co.

The problem of hair loss faced by young men

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5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30 Tue, 06 Nov 2012 09:02:39 +0000 Healthy Eating

5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30

5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30

There are many hairstyles that ladies spend years considering getting – now is the time to do it! Try out as many styles as possible before reaching the big 30, a time when that grown-up sensible job and the start of family life may push ladies into getting a more ‘mature’ style. With so many great hairstyles out there, there is no time for ladies to waste. Here are five carefree hairstyles to try out before reaching 30.

1) Bright, bold and beautiful

Brightly coloured hair is a style that stands out like no other. Barbie pink locks or sea blue hair can be seen from a mile off, leaving passers-by stunned with their mouths hanging open. A look that most ladies consider courageous and daring, bright, beautiful hair is most definitely a style to experience before reaching the 30s. For those wanting to make an impression, there is no better way to do it.  Whether it’s blue, green or even orange, a temporary bright hair colour is a style worth trying. An adventurous statement, this is a wild, bold look to enjoy before the arrival of kids deems it ‘too embarrassing Mum!’

2) A superb statement

A statement piece, such as a bow or fashion scarf, is a must wear for ladies before reaching their 30s. Simply wrap the fashion item around the top of the head and wear it in a hippie-like style. A look that pushes up the hair, giving it a lush, voluminous full look, this is a great style to try out. A fresh and funky vibe, this superb style is bound to get eyes darting from all directions.

A bold look is a daring statement and a must for women before reaching their 30s.

Image Source:

3) Fabulous full fringe

Rocking a full fringe is a style that most ladies are secretly dying to try out. Ever since full, block fringes came back into fashion, more and more young women have been sporting them across the globe. Ladies should let their secret aching for a fringe take hold and simply go with it. Fringes may not be guaranteed to suit everyone but what’s the harm in trying! As the saying goes ‘it’s better to do and regret, than to not do at all’.

4) Ravishing and romantic

Trying out a sweet, romantic look before reaching the 30s is essential. A romantic plait around the top of the head, will give ladies that angelic, Juliet look. To achieve this style, women can either tie a sweet single plait around the top of the head, securing with bobby pins, or create one plait or more using a small section of those long locks, creating a softer, more casual look.

4) A short, stylish bob

A short, stylish bob is a style that ladies spend months mulling over. Women with long, lush locks who have being thinking about cutting it into a short crop for a while, should go for it. Lots of choppy layers will give this style that edgy, cool look that women have to try out before their 30s. Cutting in a stylish side fringe will compliment this look perfectly, transforming those long, princess locks into an edgy, rock-star bob.


These five great styles are certainly worth trying out before reaching 30. From daring to try out a bold, courageous colour to styling a soft plait around the top of the head, these looks are both brave and beautiful. Ladies should let their hair run wild and free and dare to try out as many styles as they can, use Evo hair products to help with your hair regime!


5 Hairstyles to Try Before You Reach 30

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Say No to the Worries of Hair Fall Thu, 23 Aug 2012 08:17:12 +0000 Healthy Eating

Say No to the Worries of Hair Fall

Say No to the Worries of Hair Fall

Are you suffering from acute hair fall?  Well, the answer quite commonly is sure to be a yes. After all, with hair loss plaguing every men and women regardless of the age, the suffering is getting quite common among individuals. If your pillow covers, towels, dresses seem to be covered with fallen hair; you must take action to battle out the loss immediately. Seem to be worried about finding an ideal solution to your problem? Trioxinator appear to hold the key.

What is a Trioxinator?

Trioxinator is a handheld device that has been proven to reduce the signs of hair loss in both men and women suffering from male patterned and female patterned baldness. With trioxinator helping to reduce signs of hair loss, you can now safely stay away from surgical interventions and say good bye to over the counter products promising to fight loss of hair without any guaranteed results.

How does it Help Reducing the Signs of Hair Fall?

To experience reducing signs of hair loss, all that you need to do with the handheld device is massage it over the scalp in the affected area in circular motion daily for around 15 minutes. It is said that the enhanced Trioxi+ formula functions by offering a relaxing massage to the scalp thereby, stimulating the blood flow and vascular activity in the particular area. Such enhance functioning also helps in assimilating the nutrients naturally. The gentle finger-like message on the scalp offers proven results in just 3 weeks.

Benefits of Using a Trioxinator

The handheld device alongside promising a reduced sign of hair fall also comes with several other advantages making it a favorable product among millions of users. Here, is a look-

  • The non-medical device comes without any negative side effect
  • The revolutionary device fighting hair fall is easy to use
  • Trioxinator is known to exhibit a success rate of 96.2 with the device being tested over 200 clients within the last three years
  • It helps saying no to surgical interventions and other medicinal applications, which might give rise to side effects

Well, the trioxinator is the brainchild of R.J Conn and the handheld device was originally designed to help in reducing stress through the application of enhanced technology of trioxi+. However, clients soon started reporting about is favorable result in reducing the signs of hair loss and has come up as a premium product in fighting loss of hair, ever since. Therefore, what is keeping you away from trying the product guaranteed to help you get back the confident self?

Say No to the Worries of Hair Fall


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Care and advice on long and curly hair Sat, 30 Apr 2011 14:00:41 +0000 Healthy Eating

People say your hair is beautiful. Rather agree. But there are times when you feel that you can not control my hair.
It’s raining and your hair starts to fly everywhere. You may be able to do your hair in perfect shape, but by noon your hair looks like she wants. To select the best products in the store, you could definitely benefit from some tips that will help you acquire skills to better care for your hair.
Choose the best hairstyle. The key to good care and long curly hair is to her haircut Make sure your stylist knows how to cut curly hair because it requires different techniques than those for straight hair. Improper hair cut can destroy the hair and the smoothness of your hair. Moreover, often visit a stylist to trim your ends garnetted.Explore different styles in order to enjoy one.

Choose the most appropriate hair products. Choosing the right products can help improve the daily care of long curly hair
Overall, curly hair requires products with a lot of moisture, especially during summer.Sun, heat, sea water and chlorine can strip your hair of its natural moisture and smoothness to create and torn edges.
I know it seems very difficult to navigate the numerous products on the market, but with the help of your stylist, you can limit them to several products that are right for you.
Your products should be selected depending on the situation. You definitely need a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Some people like to use conditioner Leave extra moisture. Other products include a long curly hair product to control the smoothness and shine of your hair, mousses and gels designed to prevent moisture loss and to shape your curls.

The season of sun, kiss curls you may have ended, but that does not mean you have tohide under a hat his hair until next summer. Tailor your hair to the autumn season usingtips for autumn hair.

Winter tips for hair ”Forecast: Cold, windy & dry weather
Keep your hair moisturized.
Do not use shampoo more than three times a week … Excessive washing will destroythe natural protection of hair, which leads to dry and lifeless hair with dry ends.
When you go outside, protect your hair from the strong wind with a silk scarf and hat.

Forecast: rain or snow
Do not try to fight their natural hair - mother nature will do anything to regain its naturalform! Instead, hold your hair back in a ponytail or let their hair to fall freely.

Spray with hair spray.
Avoid mousses, waxes and other heavy products - they can damage the hair and the shape of your hair when mixed with moisture from the weather.

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10 tips for healthy and fabulous hair Sat, 30 Apr 2011 13:56:23 +0000 Healthy Eating

Beautiful hair makes women feel even better than a pair of new shoes or designer handbag. What if you seven days a week to go out with hair like a shampoo ad from?Hair definitely has its own opinion, but with these tips – from healthy hair in fashionable styles to the right products – will go, hopefully, every day with the coolest hair you’ve ever had.

Hairstyle by the shape of your face

Face shape very accurately determine what type of  hairstyles are suitable or unsuitable for you. What is your?

1. First, measure your face horizontally from the top of the cheekbones. Save this measure.

2. Then stretch a centimeter in his face at the height of the jaw. Save number.

3. Measure the widest part of your forehead, just above the eyebrow line, and save the result.

4. Finally measure the distance between the hairline and the bottom but the chin. Save number.


Oval face: The length of your face is about 1 1 / 2 times longer than the width. This form would suit you just about everything – from very short to very long hair. Just avoid hairstyles with tousled locks that hang on the face.

Round face: The length and width are approximately equal. Raised hair styles are suitable, just make sure you left a few strands running. It would suit you if your hair cut in layers – it will make up the round shape. The length is also important, and the presence of light bangs can complement your face.

Square face: width of the forehead and jaw are almost identical. Try hairstyles with long hair in layers and give the height of your hair, lifting it and release a few curls. Unsuitable for square face are completely upright hair with time in the middle, short hair to chin length and thick bangs.

Heart-shaped face: The distance between the cheekbones and / or forehead is the widest part and jaw seems small …

Hair is hungry 

What you eat can make your hair different from the roots.

Hair is composed of keratin – a protein crust. It needs a combination of essential amino acids (such as those in red meat and dairy products) and no protein animal origin. Try the following foods to Gain proteins:

- Cereal + milk products: oatmeal with milk as;
- Cereals + legumes: rice and beans, peanut butter on bread;
- Seeds + milk products: sunflower seeds on a home cheese.

Omega-3 fatty acids nourish and add moisture to dry and damaged hair and soothe itchy scalp. The best sources of omega-3 fatty fish, flaxseed, and certain varieties of nuts. Herring has the most omega-3 per serving, followed by mackerel, salmon, trout and tuna.

It plays an important role in delivering oxygen to cells throughout the body including hair.Deficiency leads to anemia (deficiency of iron), which contributes to hair loss. If you rely on herbal products to Gain iron, combine them with vitamin C rich foods to enhance absorption by the body. Some examples:
- Peppers with lentils;
- Broccoli with tofu;
- Cooked tomatoes with beans;
- Orange juice with breakfast cereal rich in iron.

Questions to ask your hairdresser

How to avoid too short haircut, impossible to form shaggy hair and other terrifying things that can cause your salon? Ask your hairdresser only four things:

1. What are its accreditation? All hairdressers should have a certificate showing they have completed the necessary cosmetic school

school or course. But keep one in mind – no accreditation can not be compared with that of satisfied customers. 

2. How to style your hair? When considering a new hairstyle, always keep in mind the structure of hair. Ask the hairdresser before heading out of the gym for tips on how to style your hair. Be careful not only to prove that advertise their products and causes you to order a spray or gel to use while making your style.

3. What will be really short? Use a ruler to show how much you want to trim your hair, or use your finger to show how far you want to be cut. Also go to the gym with natural styled hair stylist to enable you to see how it moves and breaks naturally.

4. What is included in the price? The cost of cutting include consultation, shampoo, scalp massage and a lesson in style? And be careful while trimming. If your barber starts to dry with a hairdryer or your hair and hem are not sure whether this is included in the price, ask.

The best color for your hair

Ability to find the right color for your hair is connected to it to complement (and not to match) your skin tone. The three main hue and recommended colors for each of them.

- Pink / blue: Strong brown, red and blond colors are good as a background. Choose gold, copper or ashes tones for contrast.

- Red: Mostly Avoid bright red tones to your hair. Do not work too much hair, nor is it doing too blond or too dark. Try mednokafyav or golden color. Add caramel highlights to give your hair shiny appearance. And the skin will look less red.

- Yellowish: Avoid yellow and golden tones – they will make your skin look pale and unhealthy. Instead, use a solid heavy base color – dark chocolate, chestnut, mahogany, chestnut. Ask …

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