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Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein Powder

It is important to eat a healthy and varied diet throughout the day. It is recommended to take proteins in diet. Some people believe that vegan diet doesn’t contain enough proteins. Vegan Protein is one of the ways to supplement the protein which you are missing in your vegan diet.

The Vegan Protein is available in the form of powder. When people do not eat healthy diet, then the protein supplements help to recover the nutrients which a person is lacking. The four common choices of Vegan Protein Powder are rice, hemp, non GMO and pea.

1.      Rice Protein Powder:

Rice protein powder is an easy digesting rice powder which gives the same benefits as soy. It is best suited to those who are on a grain free diet. Rice proteins are either flavored or non-flavored.

Some people find the taste chalky or bitter. The advantages of Rice Protein Powder are as follows:

  • Rice Protein is easy to digest.
  •  Very few people experience allergic reaction.

2.      Pea Protein Powder

Pea Protein comes from Pisium sativum or yellow peas. Its processing consists of the following steps: 1) grinding peas into flour 2) hydration 3) processing into powder

This powder doesn’t contain any cholesterol. It is also found in some research that pea protein prevents kidney disease and hypertension.

The advantages of Pea Protein are:

1)      It helps in building strength and muscles

2)      It is greener i.e. it doesn’t come from egg or any animal products.

        3.    Non- GMO soy protein powder:

GMO is an abbreviation for Genetically Modified Organism. Soy protein is a non- GMO which means that it does not contain any Genetically Modified Organism. It comes in many varieties and flavors. Some of the advantages of this type of protein powder are:

1)      People are less prone to allergic reactions

2)      Doesn’t build resistance to antibiotics

3)      Less risk in gene transfer

          4.   Hemp Protein Powder:

Hemp protein contains hemp seed as it contains large amount of protein. Hemp protein is the best alternative source of protein especially for those who are perceptive to soy or dairy products. It also consists of various types of vitamins and minerals in large amount. Some of the main advantages are:

  • It acts as an excellent source for amino acids
  • Contains essential fatty acids and minerals

These are the great alternatives to animal proteins. Vegan Protein Powder taste great and is available in different flavors and varieties.
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The Goods on Vegan Protein Powder

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