Cannabis Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms For A Cannabis Quitter

January 10, 2013


Cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction

A Cannabis quitter often faces the tough challenge of withdrawing from his Cannabis addiction. The presence of around 400 chemicals has been proven within the natural state of Cannabis. Your body keeps storing such chemicals for years. Once you stop using Cannabis instantly, it shows you through some withdrawal symptoms whose reflections are clearly visible. Most prominently visible symptoms would include diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, night sweats, aggression, cravings, stomach problems and irritation.

All of these symptoms don’t go with all individuals who have been affected by Cannabis smoking. The extent of Cannabis addiction also has a lot to do with the nature of symptoms reflected in an individual. The degree to which each treatment is applied mostly depends on the nature of symptoms and the extent to which an individual is affected.

A. Once you’ve used this drug heavily and for a prolonged period, a sudden cessation might provide a fresh opportunity to Cannabis addiction groups to work upon. It includes usage of Cannabis for a stretch of around 4 to 6 months. A few less frequent but chronic withdrawal symptoms have often been experienced by some of us during this phase.
B. Following criterion a minimum of three symptoms mentioned below might raise within a week’s duration or so.

  1. Depression
  2. Restlessness
  3. Weight reduction or restricted appetite
  4. Sleeping challenges (e.g. irate dreams, insomnia etc.)
  5. Anxiousness or nervousness
  6. Anger, irritability or aggression
  7. Inner conflicts arising out of one or more of these Cannabis quitter symptoms – sweating, fever, shakiness or tremors, chills, stomach infection, headache etc.

C. A few specific functional areas have been compelled by criterion B symptoms to pursue substantial distress and social occupation impairment that can be expressed clinically. A number of experiments have been performed by researchers to prove the extent and nature of such distress and impairment.

D. You can’t really link any other medical condition with symptoms as these; they wouldn’t even stand up to any psychiatric issue which is new. The symptoms have been specifically classified on the basis of their root causes.

The herbal formulas will settle for a holistic approach towards pulling you out of smoking Marijuana. Besides pursuing a holistic repair for your body, they would even show a way out addiction. Herbal supplements to cure Marijuana addiction don’t contain any nicotine. According to a few Marijuana addiction support groups, herbal supplements are really quite effective with the smokers that try to resolve things naturally.

Cannabis addiction withdrawal symptoms for a Cannabis quitter

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