The Basics of Building Muscle for Skinny Guys

December 14, 2012


The Basics of Building Muscle

The Basics of Building Muscle

Are you frustrated that after working out for years, you still haven’t reached your desired physique? You are blaming your instructor because you have followed what he had told you and yet there are no results. You are not the only one who has that problem, 90% of people who go to the gym are frustrated because they didn’t get the body that they desire for some reason.

But whatever is the reason behind why they didn’t get the body that they all been dreaming of, bottom line is the gym failed, the instructor failed, and the person failed. Before telling you how to solve your problem, let us just talk first about muscles, but not the things that biology professors are teaching, just the basic about building muscles.

So many people who hit the gym regularly to pump iron and build their muscle mass fail to recognize the importance that diet has on their muscle development. If you want to get maximum growth of your biceps and maximum development of your pectorals, you have to eat the right foods as well as follow the right weight training program.

Building muscle basics

Don’t follow the bodybuilding techniques that are written in the magazine. This is the common mistake that people who are working out usually commit; the writers in the magazines are physically gifted and their routine is not applicable to all. Sad to say, some trainers also committed the same mistake and worse, they teach it to their trainees.

Gain strength

Remember that muscles become big once they are stressed. The torn fibers of the muscles will be rebuilt thus making it denser. To gain strength, start of with lifting dumbbells first then gradually add weights. Develop your lower body strength through doing lots of squats and other leg training.

In order to develop muscles you should stay away from light dumbbells and machines; they will not help you develop muscles. What you need are weights that will make muscles really stressed.

Recover/Eat/Take a rest

After work out, let your muscles recover – take a rest. Also eat whole foods with high protein and calories. If you are thin, you need to eat and gain weight first. You will not be able to build muscles if you are 120lb with 5’11” height. Eat high carbohydrate, high protein and good fats.

Get Protein

You will need at least 1g of protein for every 1lb of your weight that is 200g if you are 200 lbs, that is a hell of a food. Lean red meat, chicken and turkey are excellent sources of protein, and they also contain other vitamins essential to muscle growth. Eggs are also another great source of natural protein. The good news is, there are supplements available in the market like a quality weight gainer supplement, and liquid egg whites, which I think are the best supps in the market now.

Combined with the protein, you should include fish for a source of omega-3 oils, milk to provide calcium to keep your bones strong and nuts as a source of unsaturated fats. You should also eat complex carbs such as oatmeal to fuel your workouts and to stimulate your muscle growth. Supplement all of these foods with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst avoiding all processed foods, and you will be providing your muscles with all the right ingredients they need to grow and add mass.

All in all, feeding your muscles properly is absolutely critical to maximize the benefits from your body building workouts. Working your muscles without feeding them will lead to limited growth, regardless of how heavy you lift.

The Basics of Building Muscle for Skinny Guys


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