7 Breakfast Foods Designed to Energize

December 10, 2011


7 Breakfast Foods Designed to Energize



7 Breakfast Foods Designed to Energize

7 Breakfast Foods Designed to Energize




Biscuits and Gravy, Moons Over My Hammy, and the traditional Grand Slam have always been staples in the breakfast menu for Americans. These dishes are loaded with enough fat, sodium, and cholesterol that they will make you fall asleep once you get into the office. While this is type of eating is a one-way to heart disease, it is better than skipping the meal altogether like most Americans do.


“Starting the day out with some carbohydrates and protein is a sure fire way to have energy that will get you through to lunch time.” says John, the owner of motocrossgear.com. If you are hungry when you wake up, or even if you don’t get a grumbling until later in the morning, skipping breakfast will make you eat more later in the day. Here are seven filling foods that will satisfy and get you through the morning:


Whole Eggs


The fad amongst breakfast dieters is to eat only the egg whites. Popular theory says that the whites don’t contain as much fat or cholesterol as the yellow yolk. According to Men’s Health, those dumping their yolks down the sink are missing out on B12, protein, and higher levels the good cholesterol known as HDL.


Steel Cut Oats


The name of this just makes oatmeal sound so much cooler. Not only can you tell people that you ate something cut by steel for breakfast, you will probably not eat lunch until later because they fill you up and taste better than the classic Quaker rolled oats.


Any Kind of Fruit


While steel cut oats may taste better than rolled oats, they still need a little something to make them a little more palatable. Fortunately there are natural sweeteners available in every supermarket that some people overlook – fruit. Anything from bananas to blueberries will add flavor and essential vitamins that will get you through the morning.


High Fiber Cereal


When cruising down the cereal aisle, it is easy to get distracted by Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes. The high-fiber choices that are good for you and will fill you up seem bland and gross compared to the colorful choices. Web MD claims that you can have the best of both worlds by mixing in sweetened cereal with bran flakes.


Muscle Milk


Forget the Nestle Quik or the Carnation Instant Breakfast, if you want to get a real boost from your morning breakfast shake you should try Muscle Milk. A mix of designer fats, protein, and carbs, these shakes are full of everything you need to get through the day. Have one scoop for 150 calories or two for 300.


Vegan Pancakes


Pancakes are usually a high-fat and high-carb meal that use lots of butter, eggs, and milk. If you want the same taste, but less of the bad stuff, you should take some tips from the vegans. Replace milk with soy milk, butter with vegetable oil, and white flour with whole grain or buckwheat flour to give this breakfast classic a healthier twist.


Black and Green Tea


According to an article on Shine, black and green teas are filled with antioxidants that help strengthen your immune system. It is also a great way to ween yourself off the high caffeine levels found in coffee, and energize you more naturally.


When your parents and teachers told you breakfast was the most important meal of the day, they weren’t just feeding you conspiracy theories. If you do not partake in the morning meal, you could face severe consequences later in the day and possibly later on in life. Not to mention on the walk to the local Subway for lunch.


7 Breakfast Foods Designed to Energize 

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  1. Quick Guide to Healthy Living - December 14, 2011

    Your body needs calcium to help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis (bone loss). Take this list with you the next time you go food shopping. Keep these tips in mind for getting enough calcium:

    Foods with at least 20% DV (daily value) of calcium are excellent choices. Check the nutrition label to see the % DV. Foods with less calcium will also help you meet your daily calcium goal.
    Don’t forget vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body use calcium. You can get vitamin D from salmon, tuna, and some foods with added vitamin D (like milk, breakfast cereals, and juice). Check the label.