How to Make a Brain Injury Claim

February 26, 2013

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Brain Injury Claim

Brain Injury Claim

Sadly, head and brain injuries occur all too often, mostly being caused by accidents like slips and falls, or as the result of a traffic accident. Because the head is so important, containing valuable yet fragile parts such as the eyes and brain, injuries to it tend to have much more severe consequences than injuries to other parts of the body.

The head is also surprisingly easy to damage, and even a fairly slight knock might be enough to do some long lasting harm, so you really have to be careful. Compensation claims for head and brain injuries are on the rise; here is how you can make your own claim.

The First Step

Firstly, get an assessment of the injury straight away. It is of crucial importance that you get it checked out as soon as possible, so get down to your local hospital’s Accident and Emergency department as quickly as you can – because the brain is so delicate, you need to find out the extent of the damage so that it can be dealt with before things get any worse.

The second reason to getting a quick assessment is because of the complexity of brain injury compensation claims. Once you find out the severity of your injury, you should then speak to a lawyer, describing to him or her how it is affecting you. Focus on things that could affect your ability to work and anything that might impair your quality of life for an extended period of time.

Gather Information

You’ll want to get together as much information as possible; don’t worry about whether or not it is particularly relevant to your case – anything that seems like it could be even remotely useful is worth jotting down, and your lawyer can sort through the reams of info.

The first thing you want is an accurate description of the accident, so it’s important to get this done as soon as you can, detailing exactly how the injury was sustained. Get the hospital notes – these are of vital importance to the lawyer – and any GP reports, assuming you’ve been getting regular check-ups about your injury.

Your lawyer may also send you to a private health clinic for a second opinion, so don’t forget to gather the results of that, too. Visit for further information.

How to Choose Your Lawyer

Apart from the masses of information, the most important thing to get is a good lawyer. Our advice is to go for one you feel you can trust. If you choose a firm that offers no win no fee cases, go to a few of them – they offer a free initial consultation, so use this to your gain and find the one you feel will do right by you.

Remember to check their credence as lawyers – look through their case history to determine their track record: you don’t want to hire a lawyer who does nothing but lose court cases!

How to Make a Brain Injury Claim

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