Recovering from the Unthinkable: Bouncing Back after Brain Injury

June 18, 2012

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Bouncing Back after Brain Injury

Bouncing Back after Brain Injury


The brain is the most amazing, intricate muscle in the human body. Damage to the brain, whether it is slight or severe, can be detrimental and have a devastating effect on the rest of the body. Thankfully, there have been significant medical advances that give hope to brain injury sufferers for survival and recovery.

The Window of Opportunity 

After the initial trauma to the head and brain, the human body has a small window of time in which it needs to become stable, accessed, and ultimately treated. The sooner the body becomes stable, the less likely the injury will be too severe to recover from. Rehabilitation should begin immediately after stabilization for the best success.

Advanced Treatments for Brain Injuries

No two brain injuries are alike, and no two recovery plans should be either. A combination of therapies must be administered. Physical therapy will focus on the recovery of the use of the muscles in the body for movement. This is done with the help of new techniques like water or electrical stimulation.

Cognitive therapy focuses on restoring previous cognitive function, or re-teaching a new method that adapts to the injured person’s current physical and mental state. Occupational therapy is needed to help learn to cope with the daily tasks a person faces and social interactions. The advances in these areas have been tremendous, and there are hundreds of new methods, albeit expensive ones, that therapists are now using to help patients recover and lead a normal life.

The Cost of Recovery

One study reports that in the year 2000, brain injuries directly and indirectly cost Americans over $60 billion. Those costs stem from initial treatment, ongoing recovery, loss of the ability to work, and injury-related equipment and medications. Medical insurance does not often cover the entire cost of such a serious trauma and subsequent recovery. Fortunately, there are capable brain injury attorneys that fight hard for victims and represent their best interests when it is necessary to recuperate financial support from a third party.


Finding the inner strength to bounce back from a brain injury is not easy, but, as so many have proven, it can be done. It’s often said that the mind is a powerful thing, and that couldn’t be more true for persons recovering from a brain trauma. Combined with medical treatment, positive thinking and visualization can be the difference between simply surviving and thriving.


Recovering from the Unthinkable: Bouncing Back after Brain Injury

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