The Basic of Meditasi Orgasmic

September 24, 2013

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OneTaste permits women and men the opportunity to participate in what is called orgasmic meditation. On its basic elements, orgasmic meditation (also known as OM) is a yoga type practice through which a man gently strokes a woman’s clitoris for 15 minute, no more and no less.

By no more and no less, it is meant that absolutely no other sexual contact occurs. Indeed, no other contact of any kind occurs during this yoga practice. Moreover, the session is designed to last no less and no longer than 15 minutes.

Once the 15 minute session ends, through this particular program of OM, the couple parts ways. There is no further obligation on the part of either participant. There are no other expectations of any kind. There is also no cost for participating in the experience.

OM is not designed to provide the male participant any sexual release per se. This does not mean he is not satisfied by the process. But, the satisfaction is meant to transcend a quick orgasm for the man. Rather, he is to glean or garner satisfaction through his focused attention on the woman’s clitoris. He must remained fully clothed during the entire process. He must do nothing but focus his attention on the clitoris. He must not attempt to stimulate himself in any manner. He must not attempt to move beyond the massage of the woman’s clitoris.

Orgasmic meditation is defined as a means and a simple way for two people to experience a hydrating and satisfying connection during the 15 minute session.

Through this particular program, a specific focus is on training men to understand how to touch women skillfully. In addition, women are trained to be in better touch with their bodies, to be able to feel more from their bodies. The program is designed to provide immediate results — not only for women but men as well. In the end, the program is a training of a yoga practice for a woman’s orgasm.

People are invited to join an event hosted by this group. The door is always open. If a person is hesitant to attend cold turkey, they can obtain more detailed information in advance to have a better and clearer idea of how an actual session will progress.

The Basic of Meditasi Orgasmic

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