Acne Vulgaris and its different Lesions?

August 22, 2012


Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris

With reference to the degree or the cruelty of the signals and indications developed in acne, the skin disorder can be classified into 3 main stages as follows:

Mild acne also identified as non-inflammatory acne, is due to a plug of the skin’s dead cells and oil in the duct that holds the hair, beneath the surface of the skin. Since the plugs are beneath the surface of the skin you cannot get rid of them by simply scrubbing.

Moderate or moderately harsh acne comprises of quite a lot of whiteheads, pustules, blackheads and papules that coat from top of the face and/or extends to other parts of the body.

Quite a lot of people think that acne is same, but they are in fact different and all of them require different kind of intervention. Let us now look at what acne vulgaris is and its acne cure?

Acne Vulgaris 

The most common and general form of acne is acne vulgaris. Based on a study that appeared in The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the starting of acne vulgaris is during puberty and it often continues into the twenties, thirties, or even beyond. It can become visible throughout the body, but is for the major portion common on the face, chest, neck, and back.

Kinds of abrasions that are widespread in acne vulgaris are;

Papules are red swollen bumps on the skin that are gentle and have no start. Crushing a papule will not eliminate it quicker and may source scar.

Whiteheads result from a stoma that is blocked off fully. The ensnared oil, microbes, and dead skin cells source a white head to shape on the surface of the skin. They can be often intervened with OTC acne creations.

Blackheads appear when a pore is partly blocked. The ensnared microbes, dead skin and oil gradually drain to the surface of the skin and form a blackhead.

Pustules are the most general kind of acne lesion. They generally emerge as a swollen red circle with a middle that can be either white or yellow. You can use acne medications subsequent to the popping up of the pustule.

Nodules are the result of severe acne. Acne nodules are tough bumps beneath the skin that may be big and continue for months. The scar is general fallout of nodular acne. Hence it is good for these people to visit a dermatologist for appropriate intervention.

You can get rid of acne by your own homemade acne treatment without creating more soreness in your sensitive skin. There are many harmful chemicals present in acne removal creams that may harm or may not suit your sensitive skin and can cause more complexities to your skin. Therefore, it’s better to get rid of this vulgaris acne by home remedies and treatments which are advisable as well as simple. Get the acne treated and removed by the help of acne medicines which are made in home and will not harm you more in anyway which can be removed easily ..

Good luck with you treatment J ..

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Acne Vulgaris and its different Lesions?


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Acne vulgaris

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