Achieve Divine Pleasure with the Tantric Massage Rituals

August 6, 2012

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Pleasure with the Tantric Massage Rituals

Pleasure with the Tantric Massage Rituals

Sex, though regarded as just an act to quench lust mostly, it is also the one of the oldest and the most satisfying means of reaching divine pleasure. It is not a matter of getting the thing done in a few moments and having orgasm as fast as possible. It is about relishing every bit of it, every move, every posture, every touch, and every moment. Lovemaking is the result of a mutual consent and that is the way it should be.

That helps both the individuals to feel indulged and involved in what is one of the best things that happens between two people attracted towards each other. There are certain biological factors that lead to the arousal in couples and help them get the act started. One of the most ancient and pleasurable ways of lovemaking is the tantric sex.

Sex, is Pleasurable Only When Both the Partners are Equally Involved

The man must try to prove his manliness by giving the woman the utmost pleasure. One must feel mentally and physically endowed. Not only must his penis, but his hands, his lips, his feet, his fingers, dedicate themselves into making the act the most desirable and pleasurable for his girl. Make the girl moan, that is the way to make sure that she is having pleasure and that she wants more. Try out new postures, the missionary is old now. The guy must also make sure that the ejaculation he has comes along with the girl having her final orgasm (girls do have multiple orgasm, if the man can make her do so).

The Uniqueness of Tantric Sex

What is unique about tantric sex is that it involves a lot of other things than just intercourse. It includes building up the mood and the environment. The things happen step-wise. To make a perfect ambience that would itself a man’s penis erect and a woman’s vagina wet, flowers, incense, fruits along with good music and candle light, are used. Then massage oils are used by the partners to massage each other. These oils are aromatized. Once the full body massage is done, the partners take a bath together. Then next is the step when they both need to meditate. All these are done to build the mood for a perfect sexual act.

The girl then will come to the right of the man, who will kiss and caress her. He needs to stroke her from head to toe and then reverse it and do this for some time. After this the woman will go to the man’s left and they both start the intercourse activity. They do it in an agreed position. They then indulge in the most important act. The man keeps on moving his penis to and fro inside the vagina unless they both reach the culmination by having orgasm. It is at this point that both of them will realize the true power and essence of strong love.

This sort of therapeutic lovemaking is popular for their medical reasons as well. They check bodily imbalances and sometimes also increase blood circulation; enhance the rate of bone marrow growth; strengthening bones etc.

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Achieve Divine Pleasure with the Tantric Massage Rituals


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