9 Tips on How Your Kids Can Stay Healthy

February 20, 2013


Do Not Reward Children With Fast Food

Do Not Reward Children With Fast Food

A television can be a parent’s worst enemy. With the lure of vegetating in front of the box, children are more likely to want to watch their favourite programmes than go play outside; not to mention the exceptionally unhealthy food that’s marketed at young kids.

An active and nutritionally-balanced upbringing can positively affect both your child’s mental and physical development. You can change your kid’s poor lifestyle today.

Do Not Reward Children With Fast Food

Many households celebrate achievements with a grotty takeaway. Take your child out for a meal instead or use a reward that doesn’t involve food, such as a trip out.

Charitable Causes

By signing up for a 5K run with your child every year, you can have fun raising money together and staying healthy. It’ll get your kid into good exercise habits and teach them to virtue of charity.

Fight Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings – we all get them. Instead of dragging out the chocolate box, make your children a delicious fruit smoothie.

Get Green-Fingered

Gardening as a family can be a great way to bond, and you’ll be surprised at how children love working with earth. Once they enjoy their first crop of vegetables and flowers, they’ll be excited to get stuck-in at the weekend. Gardening is fantastic exercise but it also encourages children to eat home grown vegetables.

Snack Attack 

Who doesn’t feel like snacking on long car journeys, while watching movies, or doing homework? Replace chips, ice cream, and biscuits with a platter of fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, small slices of cheese, or yoghurt.

Throw Out Processed Foods

Look on the back of cereal boxes and you can’t see the nutritional content for the e-numbers. Processed foods are nutritionally dud. Make your own cereals at home, such as granola, muesli, and porridge. Top off with healthy but tasty treats, such as fruit and honey.

Exercise Together

Whether that means playing a game in the garden or signing up for a Sunday swimming session, exercising together is a great motivator. Children look to you as a role model, and you can hardly preach healthy living if you’re a couch potato. Get outdoors, even if that means sacrificing Eastender’s, and spend time with your kids.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Get the family a dog and encourage your child to take it for walks several times a day. It’ll also teach your child important life skills, such as being responsible for another living being. Take your dog for a walk at a Play Rite playground and work off some steam before dinner time.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Most kids needs 10 hours of sleep every night. Make sure that the children get their kip, as it helps repair the body, improves behaviour, curbs hunger pangs, and boosts the immune system. If you have a kid who has sleeping troubles, try reading stories to them before bed and sticking to a routine. When they wake up due to bad dreams, talk their nightmare through with a cup of warm milk and then tuck them back in.

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9 Tips on How Your Kids Can Stay Healthy

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