7 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

August 7, 2013

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Back Pain

Back Pain

Over eighty percent of Americans have or will experience back pain at some point in their lives, though the causes, sensations, and repercussions may vary. The most common pains are in the center of the middle and lower back – but doctors struggle to pinpoint a cause that triggers this extreme back pain. Some people suffer from herniated disks, while others have muscles that seemingly will not cooperate. In order to properly locate a cure, it’s important to first understand possible causes of your back pain so that you know what the proper next steps will be for treatment. After all, the sooner you understand your pain, the closer you will be to recovery.

Where Does Back Pain Originate?

There are several common reasons that pain originates in the human back – especially the lower muscles as they play a central role in many human movements and experience great daily stress. Here are the top seven reasons for serious back pain:

1. Degenerative disc disease. Your spine is made of dozens of small bones called vertebrae, and they are connected to one another by cartilage discs. These discs help to absorb the stresses and shock from everyday movements. If these discs become weaker over time through activity, or become thinner because of the pressure of the body weighing down on the lower spine, you will begin to experience the negative effects of degenerative disc disease.

2. Tears in spinal cartilage. Unlike the more natural forms of degeneration that may happen in the spine, sometimes there are injuries that cause the protective cartilage discs to tear and fold over on one another, exposing the bones of the spine to one another and causing extreme pain in the back.

3. Herniated Disc. Also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, this condition can cause excruciating pain to those who unfortunately experience it. The vertebrae slip out of place, often causing the surrounding nerves that connect to the brain to become damaged and send pain signals to the brain. If the nerves that run up and down the spine become damaged in this manner, and the patient begins to experience pain in the abductor muscles, thighs, and lower legs, the condition progresses to what is known as sciatica.

4. Osteoporosis. A disease characterized by brittle bones, osteoporosis often leads to fractures within the vertebrae which can cause damage and extreme pain throughout the spine.

5. Spondylolisthesis. This condition is understood to be caused by the mechanics of everyday life or sporting injuries, which can lead to the loss of alignment among the vertebrae, damaging all surrounding nerves as the vertebrae move far more than they should and slide on top of one another.

6. Scoliosis. Though there are many treatments and surgeries available for this disease, which is a painful and atypical curvature within the spinal cord, it is important to support the back with a comfortable mattress and constant physical therapy. This typically affects teenage girls, but has been witnessed throughout the whole population.

7. Torn Muscles: Sporting injuries. Even if the spine remains healthy, important muscles may be torn during activity that can cause excruciating pain. Sometimes these “sports injuries” are actually just caused by the stressors of everyday life and a lack of proper sleep.

Poor Sleeping Habits: Bad Rest, Bad Support

Mattresses are one of the biggest culprits of back pain – and often, it leads to debilitating forms of back pain that prevent you from full range of movement and activity for up to twelve weeks. Without a proper mattress supporting your back, you might damage your spine and muscles so much as to require surgery. Taking advantage of a foam mattress sale can help you find the right support for your back, no matter the condition of your spine and muscles, and regardless of the reasons that have caused your back pain. By purchasing the mattress that is right for you, you will be boosting your back health, and taking steps towards realignment while you get proper rest each night.

This is a guest post by Marianne Ross, a freelance writer on health-related topics. You can read her articles on various sites.

7 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

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Back Pain

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