The 5 Most Important Tips For Bulging Muscles And Fat Loss

The 5 most important tips for bulging muscles and fat loss

It is not easy to become a super tight, so that rapid fat loss is always a hot topic. To upload it to the shuttle-shaped muscle firing Here are five tips for fat loss – from dieting to training. 

Get relief muscles!
Abstract of article:

A few beers from time to time will not hurt, but if you do it regularly stop burning fat
Emphasizing the second part of the recurrence (return to starting position), it leads to muscular effort, which is good for rapid combustion.
If you download more than 1.4 kg per week, you can be sure that much of that weight was water and muscle.
It is not easy to maintain good body and so many people looking for easy nachnini and tricks to remove fat. Most of you who read this, you probably want to reveal your abs rather hasty but will most likely have a negative effect, so be patient!

Best 5 tips to burn fat and achieve the bulging muscles!

1. Eliminate junk food most of the time!

You might think that this is brainless, but you’ll be surprised how few chips, soda and cookies, eat regularly accumulate (pack biscuits and we saw each of them about two bites, accumulate 125 calories! Exquisite 8 and this will provide half of your daily intake, 1000 calories).

Note that we said to reduce garbage “most of the time.” This is because doing it once or twice a week predodvratyava excessive feasts. And then day of free food with high calorie bomb prevents delayed metabolism, so that’s a good thing.

Also common mistake is the burning of a large proportion of calories at once. Many people are so motivated to get rid of fat that hungry too. This causes very slow metabolism and your body thinks it is dying of hunger, accumulates fat and burn hard earned muscle. Then upset up, so to quit.

Business is to reduce calories gradually and the first action is to eliminate junk food most of the time.

Avoid bad food

You’ll be surprised how few chips, soda and cookies, eat regularly accumulate

2. Reduce consumption of alcohol!

Not get drunk too !
Several beers and libations will not hurt, but if you do it regularly stop burning fat. The reason is that your body burns alcohol first, it becomes a primary energy medium.

So when you burn alcohol, what happens to the food we eat? Only excess calories go directly into fat cells, not good. This means that when you choose to drink, do not eat much until the ankles.

Alcohol prevents the absorption of vitamins and other essentials for the body, causing “light system crash. You can read more the influence of alcohol.

3. Slow return to the starting position when your reps at the gym:

At least one series of large combinations of your exercise pace use 1 ? seconds to reach its highest point and 4 to 6 seconds down. In other words – slow return for any recurrence (hold each repetition).

For example, when released from bench lift and slow the descent speed of each repetition. The emphasis on return creates more muskulno load, which is good for fat burning.

This is because energy is needed for muscle recovery. Your metabolism enter into rhythm for the entire recovery process, usually two days or more after your workout.So, you burn fat 24 hours a day, not even when sleeping. Exciting huh!

focus on return
The emphasis on the negative creates golyamo muskulno load, which is good for fat burning

4. Focus on burning workout at the end of each target muscle:  

The best exercises involving burning isolated movements siege by stretching the leg quadricep unfolding for triceps, crossover breast.

By maintaining tension on the target muscle throughout the series you stop blood flow.This blockage creates muscle burning, which counteract povizhava secretion of natural growth hormone.

Somatotropniya hormone or growth hormone, stimulates the muscles and connective tissue, but is also very high in fat burning. This means that muscle burns can help exit of body fat.

Complete each body part with at least one long series of tension and make the series long enough to hot target muscle, at least 12 repetitions.

emphasize recent repetitions expiring
Most – best exercises involving combustion are isolated movements siege

5. Take a short cardio session after each workout with weights:

You burn all the sugars in the blood stream with 30 to 60-minute workout with weights.This means that any activity immediately after it goes into fat burning.

In other words, immediately after training with weights is the best time for burning fat.All you need is 15 minutes of treadmill or bicycle argometar to significantly reduce your fat reserves. This is the most effective cardio to burn fat, you can do.

Do cardio after your workout
All you need are 15 minutes in the timing of the treadmill or bicycle argometar to significantly reduce your fat reserves

Do not be greedy!

do not be greedy
One last comment on the diet, which touched on earlier – do not be greedy, lose fat gradually. If you download more than 1.4 kg per week, you may be Figure that most of this mass was water and muscle.

Continue in this spirit and you begin to look better or feel healthier, in fact, you will feel awful and look worse than you feel. We are all impatient when it comes to changing our bodies, but the best strategy is to gradually and evenly.

Aim to lose 4.5 kg fat for a month while training hard for the mass. You’ll be amazed at the amount of degraded ugly fat and accrued of “hard rock” muscles, which would affect both your appearance and your self-esteem. From the standpoint of health and confidence.

And remember, if you do it the right way, will accrue muscle and lose fat, your muscles will spur up, so the scales will be something which will pay too much attention.

In other words, if you lose 4.5 kg fat and 4.5 kg gain muscle, you will look completely different (better), and the scales will show the same. Everything is to transform fat-muscle.

A better way to track your progress is to take pictures every few weeks. They really opened eyes. You can take pictures in front, side and rear at rest or are bodybuilding poses (put the camera on a stand, if possible, the height of the cross and you will receive a fully balanced complete photos).

Make sure you keep track of pictures you take – the specific positions and camera settings. Several weeks later do again the same images in the same positions and with the same settings.

Of great importance is the light in which you make a picture. Take pictures in a room with a relatively good light or use flash on your camera if you do not want your muscles to instantly disappear.


You will see noticeable changes in your body if you are persistent and train with weights for about an hour, four days a week, each session ends with 15 minutes of cardio.

Cardio weekend allowed, just do not overdo. Even a 30 minute walk will add to your calorie deficit. Eat clean food but not hungry. Eat enough protein, fruits and vegetables without the usual junk.

Try everything said so far 30 days and prepare to be amazed. Your drawing physics will grow and will soon be smiling when you download and listen to his shirt – “Dude, Where did you get those tiles.

If you want less sweat on his forehead, faster and better results you can check what food additives are to clear the fat or the maximum results to connect with our fitness consultants or Skype phone.



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