5 Exercises to Avoid While Going Through a Cleanse

May 13, 2013

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Cleansing is the process of removing toxins from your body. If you have been allowing toxins from junk food, alcohol and caffeine to build up in your body for years, the process of detoxing will cause dramatic changes to take place inside your body. For this reason, it is best to avoid putting too much strain on your system while going through a cleanse. Although light exercise during a cleanse can make you feel full of vitality, the following exercises are best avoided until after the cleansing process is over.

Stay Off the Elliptical Machine

Extreme cardiovascular exercise is not recommended during a cleanse. When you push your body hard in any form of cardiovascular exercise, the lungs are not able to get oxygen to your cells quickly enough for them to release energy from sugars through the normal process of aerobic respiration. Instead, your cells start breaking down sugars through anaerobic respiration, a much less efficient process. Anaerobic respiration produces harmful waste products such as lactic acid, which causes cramps. Pushing your body to such extremes during a cleanse can be damaging to your muscle cells.

Walk or Jog, But Don’t Run

It is fine to exercise while going through a cleanse, but keep the exercise light. Instead of pushing yourself hard by going for a 10k run, be gentle: take a walk or a jog instead. Light exercise will get your blood flowing around your body, helping to remove toxins more quickly from your system, but extreme cardiovascular exercise will exhaust you and could make you feel demotivated or depressed.

Don’t Lift Weights

Weightlifting exercises are not recommended during a cleanse. Lifting weights causes damage to your muscles. In normal times, your body would quickly repair this damage to make your muscles larger and stronger than ever, but during a cleanse the body does not have enough protein to repair muscles effectively. Lifting heavy weights could weaken muscles or lead to serious damage.

No Sparring!

If you are a fan of martial arts, you can continue to practice drills at low intensity during the cleanse, but you should avoid sparring. Because you are not taking in many calories, you will feel weaker than usual, and your response times may also be impaired. Sparring during the cleanse will not only result in a disappointing performance, but could also lead to injuries.

Save the Sit-ups For Later

Exercises that put a strain on the intestines should be avoided during a cleanse. The digestive system is severely affected by toxin build-up during everyday life, which means that when you cleanse, your intestines must undergo drastic changes. You may experience digestive disturbances during cleansing as a result. Avoid putting your guts under further stress by avoiding exercises that put strain on the intestines, such as sit-ups.

Exercising During a Cleanse

You do not have to be completely sedentary while going through a cleanse. Light exercise, such as yoga, tai chi or walking, is a very good complement to a cleansing program, and could help to boost your energy levels and leave you feeling refreshed.

Jennifer Fox is a personal trainer. She frequently shares her best fitness tips on healthy living blogs. Click to learn more about the pressed juice cleanse.

5 Exercises to Avoid While Going Through a Cleanse

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