4 Ways To Add New Staples To Your Diet

October 30, 2012


Add New Staples To Your Diet

Add New Staples To Your Diet

Weight-conscious people are always trying to find new ways to keep their body toned. However, diet and exercise are the two most important factors when it comes to losing weight. If you have a well-balanced diet, and exercise regularly, then there is no reason you can’t lose weight.

However, some people forget that diet is much more important. You might be one of them. You may be exercising regularly, but with-out implementing a proper diet, you may never reach the end of your weight loss journey. Today, you’ll get to learn how to add new staples to your diet which can make your overall meal plan healthier and less calorie-dense.

1.   Add low-calorie high protein foods

You can always switch from eating fatty protein foods such as ham and beef to low calorie protein foods such as chicken and fish. Instead of taking a hamburger to lunch, you can take a tuna sandwich instead. This is going to keep the calories at the lower end.

2.   Replace canned and packaged foods with organic foods

If you’re fond of eating canned and packaged foods, you can try to go for the organic alternatives. Your local grocery store is going to have a section where organic foods are placed. Milk is a daily necessity, and organic milk is far better than drinking packaged milk. Organic milk is likely to provide to higher protein value.

3.   Eat fruits and nuts as your snacks

Most people like to snack on chips, muffins and other junk items. By replacing these snacks with fruits and nuts, you are likely to lose weight. Fruits provide healthy vitamins and minerals to the body. Although nuts are high in calories, most of the calories in nuts come from unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are good for those who are looking to lose weight. You may have heard the term ‘eat fat to lose fat’, but that doesn’t mean you go on eating every type of fat. Only the right type of fat will aid in weight loss.

4.   Focus on healthy recipes

You should learn how to make healthy recipes. Lunch recipes from BumbleBee are a good way to get stared. By learning to make healthy meals, you would find it convenient to take them to your work place, which is the most common place where people eat non-nutritional food.

The above mentioned points will help you in adding staples to your diet and losing weight.

4 Ways To Add New Staples To Your Diet

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