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April 30, 2011

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Beautiful hair makes women feel even better than a pair of new shoes or designer handbag. What if you seven days a week to go out with hair like a shampoo ad from?Hair definitely has its own opinion, but with these tips – from healthy hair in fashionable styles to the right products – will go, hopefully, every day with the coolest hair you’ve ever had.

Hairstyle by the shape of your face

Face shape very accurately determine what type of  hairstyles are suitable or unsuitable for you. What is your?

1. First, measure your face horizontally from the top of the cheekbones. Save this measure.

2. Then stretch a centimeter in his face at the height of the jaw. Save number.

3. Measure the widest part of your forehead, just above the eyebrow line, and save the result.

4. Finally measure the distance between the hairline and the bottom but the chin. Save number.


Oval face: The length of your face is about 1 1 / 2 times longer than the width. This form would suit you just about everything – from very short to very long hair. Just avoid hairstyles with tousled locks that hang on the face.

Round face: The length and width are approximately equal. Raised hair styles are suitable, just make sure you left a few strands running. It would suit you if your hair cut in layers – it will make up the round shape. The length is also important, and the presence of light bangs can complement your face.

Square face: width of the forehead and jaw are almost identical. Try hairstyles with long hair in layers and give the height of your hair, lifting it and release a few curls. Unsuitable for square face are completely upright hair with time in the middle, short hair to chin length and thick bangs.

Heart-shaped face: The distance between the cheekbones and / or forehead is the widest part and jaw seems small …

Hair is hungry 

What you eat can make your hair different from the roots.

Hair is composed of keratin – a protein crust. It needs a combination of essential amino acids (such as those in red meat and dairy products) and no protein animal origin. Try the following foods to Gain proteins:

- Cereal + milk products: oatmeal with milk as;
- Cereals + legumes: rice and beans, peanut butter on bread;
- Seeds + milk products: sunflower seeds on a home cheese.

Omega-3 fatty acids nourish and add moisture to dry and damaged hair and soothe itchy scalp. The best sources of omega-3 fatty fish, flaxseed, and certain varieties of nuts. Herring has the most omega-3 per serving, followed by mackerel, salmon, trout and tuna.

It plays an important role in delivering oxygen to cells throughout the body including hair.Deficiency leads to anemia (deficiency of iron), which contributes to hair loss. If you rely on herbal products to Gain iron, combine them with vitamin C rich foods to enhance absorption by the body. Some examples:
- Peppers with lentils;
- Broccoli with tofu;
- Cooked tomatoes with beans;
- Orange juice with breakfast cereal rich in iron.

Questions to ask your hairdresser

How to avoid too short haircut, impossible to form shaggy hair and other terrifying things that can cause your salon? Ask your hairdresser only four things:

1. What are its accreditation? All hairdressers should have a certificate showing they have completed the necessary cosmetic school

school or course. But keep one in mind – no accreditation can not be compared with that of satisfied customers. 

2. How to style your hair? When considering a new hairstyle, always keep in mind the structure of hair. Ask the hairdresser before heading out of the gym for tips on how to style your hair. Be careful not only to prove that advertise their products and causes you to order a spray or gel to use while making your style.

3. What will be really short? Use a ruler to show how much you want to trim your hair, or use your finger to show how far you want to be cut. Also go to the gym with natural styled hair stylist to enable you to see how it moves and breaks naturally.

4. What is included in the price? The cost of cutting include consultation, shampoo, scalp massage and a lesson in style? And be careful while trimming. If your barber starts to dry with a hairdryer or your hair and hem are not sure whether this is included in the price, ask.

The best color for your hair

Ability to find the right color for your hair is connected to it to complement (and not to match) your skin tone. The three main hue and recommended colors for each of them.

- Pink / blue: Strong brown, red and blond colors are good as a background. Choose gold, copper or ashes tones for contrast.

- Red: Mostly Avoid bright red tones to your hair. Do not work too much hair, nor is it doing too blond or too dark. Try mednokafyav or golden color. Add caramel highlights to give your hair shiny appearance. And the skin will look less red.

- Yellowish: Avoid yellow and golden tones – they will make your skin look pale and unhealthy. Instead, use a solid heavy base color – dark chocolate, chestnut, mahogany, chestnut. Ask …

This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment!
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